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    Originally posted by PRoGRaMMerQ:
    I'm a minor and I understand crap like that.

    Grow UP
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    Originally posted by Inventorb:
    Thank You for clarifying these matters. I wish I was as intelligent as you are.

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    You once again, avoid the question and instead reply with, as you would call it, a "sticks and stones! Grow UP!" response.

    You really must be shaking in your high waters over there! To want to avoid a question so desperately!! I think you may finally realize that if any one of us were to legally challenge your patent, you'd have it taken away!

    In addition, your response to my question, which was presented to you in a civil manner, has solidified my conclusion of your personality and mental capacities:

    You are sophomoric, narcissistic, and severely defensive, yet you prefer to avoid any questions that could jeopardize your view of yourself. Furthermore, you have become so defensive that you assume everyone is out to get you, when in fact, many like myself only wanted honest questions answered.

    Thank you for helping me to decide NOT to use your products, and to recommend to all of my friends, relatives, and acquaintances not to use your products as well.

    As a final note, never in my post was I questioning your intelligence or promoting mine. However, from the language used in your posts, one could easily assume a lower than average reading level. I however, will not assume such, as I'm sure you are just experiencing emotional problems cause by a fear of the one "invention" you have patented not being an invention at all.

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    Please go once a day! Every day!

    P.S. I recently recieved a watch as an aniversary present. After your legal battle with the users of ebay is concluded, you may wish to turn your aim at CASIO. They are still using screen protectors on their Battery powered portable alarm chronometers.

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    "I think you may finally realize that if any one of us were to legally challenge your patent, you'd have it taken away!"

    Please Challenge my patent I am looking forward to that day. I am also looking
    forward to the day after, when all of you
    whom doubt me will have to fess up to me.



    "But the uniqueness of a product configuration is not enough by itself to make
    the configuration inherently distinctive."

    Thank You
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    Originally posted by Inventorb:
    "But the uniqueness of a product configuration is not enough by itself to make
    the configuration inherently distinctive."
    Is it me or is this what we've been trying to say all along? Sounds to me like it would apply to screen protectors as well.

    Mr. Warman, how is your product configuration inherently unique and distinctive?

    MarkEagle - Ice is nice!
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    Originally posted by Inventorb:

    Grow UP
    You first. Take your own advice.
    by the way
    I'm perfectly happy with my scotch tape.

    and for marching band, I am gonna use my palm to reference coordinates on the field. I'm gonna use a plastic baggy (in case it rains)
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    I agree with PRoGRaMMerQ. If companies were just taking your product and repackaging it under a different name, I could see how you might have a case. But if someone just makes a different product with the same purpose, you can't do anything about it.

    Let's take computer OS's, for example. If I make an OS that runs faster and more stable than Windows, but looks similar in some ways, Microsoft can't do anything about it. However, if I took the Windows source code and changed any reference to Microsoft or Windows to something else, then I could get slapped with a lawsuit for copying Windows. Although I'm not quite sure why I would WANT to copy Windows... But I digress. The point is, you can't do anything to people who make a screen protector unless they just take your product and make an identical copy. In my Windows analogy, I made a better OS that would create some major competition against MS. In your case, it sounds like some companies made good products that would take away from your share of the $$$, so you want to destroy them (hmmm.... sounds a LOT like Microsoft) or make them pay you.
    My advice to you would be to just drop it, but only you can make that choice. Eventually, someone will challenge your patent if you keep it up, and when they win, you will stop making money you shouldn't be making.

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    Hey "InventorB",

    You should add Sharp to your list of "infringers": I just pulled a "display protector" off of a new Sharp microwave oven.

    As many, many people have pointed out before, clear plastic, removable, covers have been used on consumer devices since the 1970's (maybe even earlier!)

    Face it, YOU DID NOT INVENT ANYTHING! You did not invent PDA screen protectors nor did you invent fishfinder screen protectors. I suspect that you got "your idea" for a screen protector when you saw (or bought) a fishfinder that had such a screen protector on it from the factory.

    It's not your fault that your low IQ pretty much eliminates you from being able to "invent". Just try and rise above your low intellegence and not be a bully by trying to shut down other companies that are just competing with you in the marketplace. No one likes a bully, which is why most people do not like you.

    BTW: I use a home-made vinyl screen protector on my Visor. So you never got (nor will you ever get) one cent from me.
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    Out of curiosity, I e-mailed Concept Kitchen and drew their attention to VisorDeluxe's post at -- presumably they have better things to do (for example, actually marketing products ;-)) than to haunt bulletin boards all day to see if anybody is talking about them.

    Anyway, I got a nice reply (not just the form letter) saying that they DO NOT pay royalties to Mr. Warman. In fact, they haven't heard a peep out of him for five years. Further inquiries are referred to Fellowes since they now own the product.

    This must be quite a running joke around the water cooler there...

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    I am going to close this thread unless everyone can stop posting flame-bait like "Grow up" and the like. Otherwise I will close this thread.

    P.S. You have been warned.

    James Hromadka
    Personal Website:
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    Since this topic was started originally to discuss "Better screen protectors", I thought I would pass this along. I ran across this site by a company called InvenTrek who also sells screen protectors.

    This one sells a product that covers just the graffiti portion of the screen. They claim a "no drag" feel, protection that should last years (not months) and will sell two for $9.95 (including shipping.)

    I haven't tried one yet, but if it is a good as they are touting it might be worth it to those of us really interested in protecting our screens to give it a try.

    For those who are less interested in screen protection it may be an opportunity to validate (or invalidate) a patent or two.

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    That sounds like a great product! Has anyone used a WriteRight with one of those armor things on it? That way you have the WR to protect against the ocasional usage of the top of the LCD half of the screen, while you have the armor to protect the silkscreen section. This way, you shouldn't have to replace either for a very long time.

    If anyone's done this, I'd love to hear about it.

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    [I can't speel ]

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    Now we're talking!

    The 'Armor' certainly does sound like a "better" screen protector. What I don't like about it is the color. I would suppose that it has something to do with the material it's made out of.

    I wonder if they will be able to come out with a clear one? If they do, they should sell graffitti ones and full schreen ones.

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    Self Lubricating? No Drag? Extremely Durable? Thin?

    Forget my Visor, I want to put it on my d**k......Boycott Trojan! Wrap your pal in armor!

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    Ryan, you are once again the man!
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    This is absolutely my favorite part.

    Frustrated customer: "What is the difference between clear and gloss?"
    War-man The Inven-tor: "They are made of different materials."

    Well, no duh, Bill! Different materials! That clears up the whole thing!

    Bill, let me teach you how humans communicate. This would be an appropriate response (albeit an entirely invented one, as I don't know the real answer):

    "The Clear sheet has a matte surface that reduces reflected light, but is a little harder to write on with the stylus. The Gloss sheet is smoother and easier to write on, but isn't as good at reducing glare. If you intend to use your PDA primarily under low-light conditions, I recommend the Gloss; but I suggest the Clear to most of my customers."

    That, Bill, is what we would call AN ANSWER.

    Originally posted by Inventorb:
    As I have stated before. The GLOSS and Clear are different types of material. All of our
    materials is transparent. Although some are named differently.

    Thank You

    Erik David Even

    "You have to know that
    someday you will die.
    Until you know that, you
    are worthless." Tyler
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    Originally posted by rclayton:
    Forget my Visor, I want to put it on my d**k......
    Do you suppose War-man is sitting there trying to figure out why you would want to put it on your duck?

    I doubt, therefore I might be.
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    Don't forget, Dork fits, too! Keep him guessin'! (Dock, Dirk, Dark, etc.)

    Kunochan, that was a great example of what an answer should be like. Bill, you can learn from that.
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    Why would I want my duck to be self lubricating?!? LOL

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    Well, my Duck it almost worn out from me poking it with a stick so much...maybe I SHOULD get one of those Duck protectors...

    Anyways, to keep with the theme of this thread (stupid patents) I thought I'd point out that even big companies can be stupid with their patents:

    Adobe is suing Macromedia over the theft of their patent, which is "tabbed interfaces".

    I guess I'm boycotting Warman AND Adobe now...
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    ROFL and making an *** out of myself at work. If any of you want a good laugh get today's paper and check the "Mother Goose and Grimm" comic. It is definitely a riot!!! InvB, looks like there is someone else to add to your list of people to sue this week!! Of course, how do you sue a comic strip character.

    PS-I would have put a web link to the strip up here, but I don't have enought time to find one. I checked and they have all of the strips online except that one (and maybe some others too).

    It will be worth the price of a paper!!!!

    What the Heck! It's what I want!

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