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    is it just me or does inventorb sound even more insecure on this message board than he does on his website? the fan analogy was good, but i can understand why the creator of "Fan" wanted to be paid his money. he invented a product that actually took time to make and think up. "inventing" a vinyl screen cover is nothing to patent. it is natural that someone would cover an electronic gadget's screen with something transparent and sturdy such as vinyl. i sure hope you are paying the creator of "Vinyl" his due licenses. just my two cents.
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    Ummmm... no listing for Kenya and Kenya either in Martindale Hubbell...

    Originally posted by Inventorb:
    Donald J. Lisa Attorney was a partner in the Law firm of Kenya and Kenya New York
    City, New York He has 37 years experience in Patent & Trademarks, Copyrights, and mergers and Acquisitions.
    Don is a Harvard Law School Graduate.
    He also was the Vice President of Motorola.

    Thank You

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    Originally posted by caneguru:
    Ummmm... no listing for Kenya and Kenya either in Martindale Hubbell...

    Try Martindale Hubbell again See

    8989 E. Via Linda
    Scottsdale, Arizona
    (Maricopa County)

    ADMITTED: 1966

    LAW-SCHOOL: Harvard University (J.D.)

    COLLEGE: United States Naval Academy (B.S.)

    BORN: 1935

    ISLN: 905412335
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    That's it. No dice. I think we've all seen enough here. Let's let the good people of the country he loves so much drive his protected product into the ground by dissuading all others from buying the product. He shouldn't care-he'll stil get his royalties right?

    He obviously cares much less about the product than patent law or (threatened) litigation.

    Goodbye and good riddance.

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    OK, back to the actual product.

    I just received the VSPS clear protectors, and only three days after ordering. That is good service. The protectors themselves are thinner than WriteRights which makes them a little harder to place. They are not completely clear (the adhesive clouds the plastic a little, and is not applied very smoothly) but are much clearer than the matte finish on the WriteRights. A side by side comparision between Visors with both types of protectors showed that the VSPS product is easier to read through and results in a brighter screen. I do find them easier to write on, also. Overall, I think I am pleased, if they will wear well.

    Of course, Bob has a warning about his patent in bright red print on the instruction page. You know, I just realized that I have used the name VSPS in this review without prior authorization. I hope he doesn't sue.

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    I agree with dequardo.....why can't "Bill the Inventor" tell us about his product.

    I sent an email to "Bill the Inventor" before I noticed all the action this post was getting.....his one and see. And then he annoying sent me an order form as a second email.

    So, to "Bill the Inventor"....I will not buy your product to see if I like. I want know about it before I send you the money. Even if it is $4.

    Also, if I am understanding this whole recieve a royalty from the sale of Wright Rights, I will no longer purchase Write Rights to prevent ANY of my money coming your way.

    From now on I will protect my screen in anyway I see fit....with either 811 tape, homemade protectors....or sticking in a long as I have nothing to do with your annoying posts, website, or BS lawyer.

    Ryan Clayton
    BTW....I wonder if Shrinky Dinks would stick to the Visor screen....Ya know...those clear plastic kids stickers that use static electricity to hold......That would be my screen protector of choice!

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    Shrinky Dinks were those things that shrunk in the oven. I know what you are thinking of, though...(just can't remember the name!)

    Actually, clear static stickers work great, though I haven't found a place to get them at on a regular basis. When I first got my G4, the front and sides were protected with static stickers. I just pealed them off and stuck them to my visor...they worked great, but I ran out and had to get the writeRights.

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    Mister Warman... what exactly are people stealing from you? Your original invention was compleetly unrelated to handheld computers. You updated it as a completely different invention, deleting all the original claims and replacing them with a separate series of claims that describe quite a different invention.

    And this new invention is clearly bogus. People have been using adhesive plastic to protect electronic equipment for decades. I bought a stereo in 1987 that had similar protective film over every scratchable surface... and it was hardly a new idea then.

    You took a valid patent, and took advantage of a loophole in the patent system to turn it into a patent on a related product. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that your updated patent came out after people were already selling screen protectors for the Newton.
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    Originally posted by rclayton:

    BTW....I wonder if Shrinky Dinks would stick to the Visor screen....Ya know...those clear plastic kids stickers that use static electricity to hold......That would be my screen protector of choice!

    colorforms™ is the product you were looking for.

    i like bananas.
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    Last time I was there, Staples had static sheets available in the printing paper section. Look for the specialty papers collection. I think it was next to the iron-on transfer paper
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    Oh yea...colorforms...I miss those things...

    Nachtswerg: I will check out Staples for those static stickers...

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    I emailed Concept Kitchen inquiring about their relationship with Bill Warman, specifically if they were licensees of his. Here is their response:

    Re: Warman Patent Claims

    Recently you contacted us asking about allegations you have read or seen
    concerning a patent owned by William Warman. We believe Mr. Warman’s verbal
    attacks on this company are unfair and illegal. We have so informed Mr.
    Warman, which may be why he stopped writing to us and our vendors.
    Rest assured, after we first heard from Mr. Warman in 1998, we hired
    experienced patent attorneys to evaluate his patent and his demand for
    exorbitant licensing fees. (Those fees, by the way, would more than double
    the price of our products.) We have advised Mr. Warman of the advice given
    by our patent attorneys, including the conclusion that his patent is not
    valid. The attorneys have further explained to Mr. Warman that this company
    has “intervening rights” because our product was designed and sold before
    Mr. Warman obtained his reissue patent. For that additional reason, there
    is no legal requirement that the company take a license under the patent.
    Concept Kitchen has always respected the legal rights of others, including
    intellectual property rights. We will continue to do so in the future.
    However, we will not pay what amounts to intellectual property ransom. If
    you have any further questions about this matter, please feel free to
    contact me.

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate it.


    Tim Nugent
    Customer Service Manager
    Concept Kitchen

    So there you have it. Rest assured, you can still buy WriteRights knowing that none of your money is going to Mr. Warman.
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    I've re-read Mr. Warman's responses above and it sounds like he doesn't even manufacture the product, rather, he simply makes his living by pushing his "patent" in the face of others.

    Sadly, it appears that Concept Kitchen was the only company with enough money to fight his pathetic patent claims. Once again, our system is flawed..
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    Call me silly, but I've actually enjoyed much of the humor that's been posted in this topic.

    True, there have been some low points, but there's also been some great jokes.

    I'm glad some people were able to post something close to a review of the product sold by Mr. Warman (can I write that name without a little "TM" after it?) He seems quite unwilling to actually talk about it.

    Take care, everyone, and let's all protect our Visors from scratches, somehow, if we can...

    (Hey, why don't we cut up plastic and cover our Visor screens.... Shhhhh! Don't tell anyone I said that!)
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    Hey, whens warman gonna post again??? Maybe everyone got lucky and finally quit defending his patent...

    BTW the 1st amendment rocks

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    Originally posted by b1lanceman:
    Hey, whens warman gonna post again??? Maybe everyone got lucky and finally quit defending his patent...

    BTW the 1st amendment rocks
    I never left ????

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    What do you do for a living? Do you actually manufacture these screen protectors, or do you just license the patent? What is your reply to Concept Kitchens' lawyers statement that your Patent is invalid?

    Again, nothing wrong with protecting a legitimate invention that you have created, but it appears (and do correct me if I am wrong) that you filed a patent on a common-sense item that had arguably already been invented in different incarnations just to collect outrageous licensing fees.

    Clearly, there is a flaw in the patent law system some where. I put this up there with Microsoft's patent on Style Sheets and Amazon's patent on one-click ordering.
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    Give me a break... It's a piece of clear plastic film.

    Personally, I use CLEER-ADHEER sheets which I bought from Kinko's for $2.25 per sheet. These companies that are charging mucho $$$ for a damn piece of clear plastic, make me want to puke.

    Seriously people, it's a piece of plastic that you can get at any drug store or office supply place, cut it yourself and put it on. It will cost you about $.10 each time you do it.

    Stop giving these people your money.
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    Man, I never realized a discussion of screen protectors could be so much FUN! I've even been reminded about Colorforms - happy memories! But as a lawyer, I have to object to the badmouthing of lawyers in general that has gone on. Of course there are good lawyers (see the post by Concept Kitchen) and bad (no comment), as in any profession. Just don't paint us all with the same brush! Moreover, as a (former) English major, I also object to the incredible amount of spelling errors - especially by Inventor Bill! What is this world coming to? (Or, to what is this world coming????)
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    Mr. Warman, I was wondering how much it costs you to make and ship one screen cover...
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