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    I have not followed all threads, but:

    1) Has anyone looked at the patent? Seems that Warman's patent references a patent for a removable film from 1974 by Panjeti Babu Naidu. Perhaps Naidu should sue Warman. Remember how Apple could not sue Microsoft for the GUI because it was already invented by Xerox?

    2) The Warman patent has claims for: a) outwardly extending edges [most PDA screen protectors do not], b) a removal tab at one corner [most PDA protectors do not], c) adhesive on only the left and right edges [most PDA screen protectors have adhesive over the entire back surface, which is covered by the Naidu patent]. Ideas not under the "claims" section of the patent, even under the "preferred embodiment" section may not be protected by the patent.

    3) This is a rather obvious invention and really should not have been granted a patent.

    It is a sad fact that patents are used not just to register innovative ideas, but to prevent others from using those ideas (unless a deal is made to license them).

    I have several patents pending, myself, and would like to get royalties if anyone uses them. But if someone comes up with an invention that has significantly new features, then I don't see merit in turning a patent lawyer on them.

    This is lame, as inventions go. I can't believe how much time and money has been spent. Is he really showing a profit out of all of this (after legal fees)? It's not a major invention like the microprocessor or intermittent wipers.

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    Originally posted by homer:
    Well, I'm sure it depends, but I would actually say that, yes, it is illegal to pose as someone else on a public bulletin board. This could be construed as misrepresentation of even slander, I suppose.

    I'm not sure what InventorB meant by that, though. Are there posts on here that claim to be made by him that are not? And what does contacting the press have to do with that?
    I'd guess he is claiming that someone pretended to be him and posted replies under his name -- which I agree, would be a terrible thing to do, and might be actionable. It was pointed out earlier by someone else that some of his posts were gibberish even by his standards, which can't have been easy to do.

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    Originally posted by Inventorb:
    The pleasure is all mine.

    I have enjoyed your stupidity. Since the beginning of this thread I have played all of you. Their is an impostor out their and I
    have contacted the FBI and a reporter in
    regards to this matter. This is the reason I
    have responded accordingly.
    I find it confusing that he laughs at us and states that he's been 'playing' us all this time, then follows that with the comment about an imposter posting. Isn't that contradictory?

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    If ANYTHING is contradictory in his posts, it would be this:

    This is the reason I
    have responded accordingly.
    When has he ever responded accordingly?

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    Geez, what a wienie! Ok, I'll play! I invented all of the heavens and the earth. It is your job, Mr. Inventor Bob the Inventor man, to PROVE that I didn't. (I do believe however that you invented all those extra periods you use in your sentences.)

    Maybe we should all just start a promotion to use the various "Home Made" See Though Screen Covers (Wow, that name would look good on a patent huh?) and Mr. Bob the Inventor of All that is Pure and Good, will have no reason for existance. (This is your only reason for existance right??? Considering all of the time and effort you are putting into it? Question for ya Bobby Boy... what difference does it all really make?)

    Mr. Bob, get a life man! Have a beer, get a lap dance, relax a little. I guess now you will go after all of the professional and recreationalist car / motorcycle drivers who have the clear plastic pull away covers (with the patented "tab" I might add) on their helment visors (oooohhh .. face covers??) so as to always have a visor / face cover that is free from mud or other "loose impediments".

    $0.02 submitted by 2slim - Inventor of electricity, black holes, and spray cheese.
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    Yes, I read the *whole* thread...
    Wow, amazing what a simple post concerning screen protectors can lead to...
    But, to be honest, I agree with MarkEagle - this discussion does not lead to anything.
    If anything at all, the posts tend to get more and more aggressive...

    Anyway, I will figure out a way how to protect my screen once I run out of WriteRights... and if the answer is clear Vinyl, so be it...



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    I agree that all this may be unnecessary, and it's quite enteraining at times. Mr. Inventor may have a mental deficiency, we all know that he's a jerk.

    HOWEVER, funny and crazy as this may appear, you can bet that Mr. Warman is deadly serious when he bullies other vendors of screen protectors with his PATENT, putting them out of business, or make them PAY him for their hard work.

    Remember: the reason for this boycott is not because Warman's a jerk, but because his actions against people who lacked the resources to defend themselves are unethical and unjust.

    Just trying to keep the focus.


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    I have to say that this is quite a big angry mob of a discussion (but not in a bad way, kind of like pro wrestling). I personally have never bought a screen protector for my visor, I made my own. I just got some clear acetate transparency film from kinkos, cut it to slightly over-size and slipped the edges under the plastic around the screen on the visor. Next i'm going to try repositonal vinyl cling inkjet media cut to size. Currently i have a portion of a red transparency over the screen (so now i have a "color" screen too... i dont need a casio, really i dont *sigh*). If anyone else has tried something similar *and* one of the actual screen protector products, please let me know. i'd like to know if they are really *that* much better. And if anyone needs more info about my non-patented screen protectors let me know, i'll try to work up a cutting diagram

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    Where did you find repositonal vinyl cling inkjet media? That sounds interesting...not just for screen protectors. (Of course, if you purchased the from a business online, keep it to yourself, as we don't want Mr. Warman picking on any other innocent souls.)

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    I've watched and read this thread from almost day one. Its been entertaining at points, and sad in other points.

    I was sad to see the information on EasyPeel, but I figured it was going to happen eventually.

    I currently use WrightRight(TM) from Concept Kitchen(R), and will use them as the only "non-infringing" protector out there.

    Please remember that the current Vice President of the United States invented the Internet. Each person must submit .02 per web paged accessed or e-mail message downloaded.


    Carl Lee
    Hi! My name is Carl and I'm a Visorholic.
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    I currently use WrightRight(TM) from Concept Kitchen(R), and will use them as the only "non-infringing" protector out there.
    Keep in mind that Easy Peel is not infringing on Warman's patent. Easy Peel sells static stickers...which have NOTHING to do with Warman. Warman simply threatened Chris with a silly infringement notice, and Chris, obviously a small business without any legal representation, did what he had to do.

    So, order from Chris without fear...just make it easy on him and do not mention 'screen protection.' Mr. Warman can not do anything about Chris selling static stickers...legally or otherwise.

    Nowhere on Easy Peel's site did it even mention 'Screen Protection.' Technically, they didn't even have to acknowlege Mr. Bill's existance with the one exception that he would have pursued pointless threats and lawsuits as a fear tactic. Nothing would have come of them other than draining Easy Peel's time and money. A true bully.

    It was a fun, if somewhat idiotic debate with Mr. Warman, but once he clearly overstepped the boundaries of ethical practices (and questionable legality) by threatening eBay WriteRight sales, and the Easy Peel company, it became quite sad and embarassing that our system allows for such atrocious behavior.
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    Thanks, I did order a set of the EasyPeel "stickers" in the 6cm x 8cm size, that somehow just magically is going to fit my Visor. However, since I have not received them, or an e-mail stating that I have passed the 5 Jun 00 ship date, I anxiously wait their arrival.

    If they do job and are clear, I will probably continue to use them and purchase "other" sizes from EasyPeel

    I'm waiting for the mail police to confiscate my order when/if it arrives.

    I may even attempt to sell my remaining WriteRights on eBay or other on-line auction if they work much better.

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    Well, I was really, really shocked by all this. So, I went and checked out inventorb's (Warman's) website. I also found the patent filing on IBM's intellectual property/patent site (Actually, I followed a link to it.)

    I think Warman is acting in a very poor fashion. So I went and found the patent writeup, hoping to find some point in it, which I could point out and say "Nyahh, the screen protectors I'm using fall in /X/ loophole".

    After reading the actual patent claims (Not the abstract, as so many people seem to have done), and with the disclaimer that I am not a lawyer, nor a patent lawyer, I'm sorry to state the following:

    To me, it looks like Warman's patent (USRE035318) covers pretty much /any/ "screen protector" that is generally rectangular, and is somehow readily affixable to, and removable from, a view screen. The patent mentions a little remover tab on the upper left, and the properties of the screen, and polarisation, and specifies those in the abstract, but the actual patent writeup doesn't let those features limit the scope of his invention.

    Further, I'm sorry to state the following:
    It looks like, to me, that Warman is using his patent to not only try to shut out all other manufacturers of screen protectors, (through licensing fees and royalties, etc) but to also attempt to prevent anyone else from patenting or manufacturing a screen faceplate to allow the express feature of a removable screen protector. I come to this conclusion after reading Warman's website, and the patent claims 5 and 6.

    So, Mr. Warman, and Donald Lisa, since I can rely on the fact that you will read this (Due to the fact that Mr. Warman has posted here before, and will continue to review this site in the course of protecting his patent), I am stating the following:

    I do not currently, nor will I in the future, ever use, purchase, manufacture, etc. any clear, nor polarised, thin film to protect my electronic instrument's screen. It is my intention to not infringe upon your patent, in any way whatsoever.

    I do believe, however, (and the following statements are entirely my opinion, not any statement of fact) that you are acting in a very poor manner.

    It is my impression that you and your patent attorney's method of conducting matters of law is brusque, abusive at best, and entirely undermines the spirit of invention and the ethical practice of law. In my opinion, your and your attorney's behavior could be compared to the Church of $cientology's penchant for abuse of the law and intellectual property rights.

    My opinion of your ability with the English language (or any language indeed, if anything can be extrapolated from your lacking skill with English grammar and usage) is that it is commensurate with that of a grade-school dropout. I hesitate to perform that comparison, however, since I presume that there are more than a few grade-school dropouts that could best you in a writing contest.

    It is my opinion that your extreme exercise of your rights as a patent holder have suppressed other people's talent, insight, and the progress of the design, artifice, market, and use of screens and screen protectors. Your zealous pursuit of licensing fees and royalties, in my opinion, has prevented the diversification of the market for screen protectors.

    I find it to be a tragedy that you have been granted this patent, on the recommendation of what seems to be a short-sighted patent analyst. It has allowed you to conduct what seems to be a monopolistic licensing campaign towards screens and screen protectors.

    Do not be confused, however, for I do not mean to denigrate nor criticize the patent office, nor it's associates nor analysts in any way; This tirade is restricted, in it's entirety, to the subject of your behavior, Mr. Warman, and that of your patent attorney, Donald Lisa.

    I certainly hope, Mr. Warman, that somehow you find the ability to read and comprehend this post, for it is an expression of how offended I am by your behavior. I am further cognizant of the fact that you may be offended by my statements of opinion, and may feel the need to contact me: Do not do so.
    I have no interest in pursuing any discourse with you, personally. If any representative of yours contacts me, I will refer them to my legal representation. My statements here are entirely my opinion. As such, they are critical analysis, which is entirely protected under First Amendment rights.

    I find your website's aesthetics to be that favored by schizophrenic five-year-old hyenas. That is my critical analysis of your website, and is protected by First Amendment rights.
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    Originally posted by MarkEagle:
    "... in all seriousness, why are we still pursuing this? We all have our opinions and are entitled to them (God bless the USA) but we're getting nowhere with this. It's clear that Mr. Warman is not going to address the initial questions about his product (what it is, what makes it different/better than the others, etc). I say let it die and just ignore him (it works on my kids!). Eventually, he will go away and we can all get back to our first love - the Visor (with or without screen protectors)."
    We seem to be perpetuating this (occasionally amusing) thread primarily because trying to converse with Mr. Warman is so frustrating, infuriating, and illogical. Since that's not our usual experience with adult humans, we are trying to drag him into the world we inhabit, where questions beget answers, and a rational give-and-take can take place.

    For some reason (he's a Turing machine? he's emotionally immature? he has a real and serious personality disorder?) he's not willing or able to participate in this way. We should pull back, take a breath, make our independent boycott-related decisions, and turn to more positive and productive pursuits.

    Why not let Walter Scott have the last word:

    The wretch, concentrated all in self,
    Living, shall forfeit fair renown,
    And, doubly dying, shall go down
    To the vile dust, from whence he sprung,
    Unwept, unhonoured, and unsung.

    We've honored him with our attentions long enough. Goodbye, Mr. Warman. I wont be back.

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    <weird talk> Dang, Mr. Billy Bo Bob, you've gaught yershelf into shume kind uf pickle, haven't ya? Hyuck, hyuck, hyuck! </weird talk>

    Just leave. I seriously doubt anyone's gonna pay any more attention to this. It's really old. All you do is bully small, budding corporations into the corner of fear and make them comply to your crappy standards. I agree with Concept Kitchen's mentioned representative: Your patent is totally frivolous. In your terms, <weird talk> Billy Bo Bob, my friend, maibay shyew shuldn't have done shyat... <weird talk>

    Final words until this thread is cut:


    Welcome to W.
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    Originally posted by BrainMan:
    Well, I was really, really shocked by all this. So, I went and checked out inventorb's (Warman's) website. I also found the patent filing on IBM's intellectual property/patent site (Actually, I followed a link to it.)

    <snipped long quote>

    I find your website's aesthetics to be that favored by schizophrenic five-year-old hyenas. That is my critical analysis of your website, and is protected by First Amendment rights.

    Someone that can actually understand the claims of a patent.
    I commend you and your efforts.
    Now would you like to have a civil conversation regarding a better screen protector?

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    Oops! Looks like I can't hold back on replying.

    You can't have a civil discussion, Billy Bo Bob. You never have. You never will. It's simple.

    Have a nice night (unless you're Billy Bo Bob, then have the worst night in the world!).

    Welcome to W.
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    Thanks for the nice post. The big problem here is that Patent Law, much like trademark and copyright law has very little clear, black-and-white areas and a LOT of grey area that typically needs to be handled by lawyers. From a common sense standpoint, Mr. Warman is clearly overstepping the ethical bounds of patent protection and, in many people's opinion, the legal bounds as well. Unfortunately, lawyers are needed to make it fact.

    I do agree that attempting to address Mr. Warman or trying to badger him is not a feasible solution to anything, though I don't know if this should be "the-end" of the ordeal. For those of you that still would like to help out those that he has abused, I suggest that you take a moment or to to visit the following sites:

    - General information on Patents and Patent law. A good read.

    - Consumerama. A site dedicated to showcasing other sites dedicated to spreading awareness of corporate misconduct. (includes sites dedicated to banning products and companies)

    - The US Gov FTC Anti-trust page

    - comments from actual patent reviewers discussing the amount of bad patents being approved.

    - Patent Office Phone Numbers

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    Mr. Warman, I only have one request since everything that needs to be said have been repeated several times here in vain because:

    a) you simply don't understand the questions, no matter how simple they are (yes/no questions don't get any simpler);

    b) you know you are wrong and avoid answering the important questions;

    c) you're too busy sending your attack dogs on small businesses;

    d) all of the above.

    Anyway, my request is, and I must apologize in advance for yelling,.....


    Don't you realize that you can EDIT the posts to show ONLY the relevant quotes??

    Hello, McFly!?!

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    I just had to chime in.

    From what I've read, Mr. Warman is defined by his patent and he uses it like a big stick to threaten everyone, and give himself legitimacy (enough to append "Inventor" to his name and have the balls to charge $750/hour despite his apparent lack of a higher education).

    That being the case, the best way to deflate Mr. Warman's case, IMHO, is to initiate a motion to repeal his patent.

    I'm not a lawyer, but I do recall seeing postings from some lawyers in this thread.

    If I remember right, one posting said that no patent is beyond reproach and can be challenged.

    What do you say guys?

    This is the ULTIMATE BOYCOTT and could set a precedent to shoot down aspiring Microsoft Style Sheets and Amazon's One-click patent applicants out there.

    Hey, this can even snowball to reform the whole Patent process, which everyone knows, just does not work in its current form.

    Where do I sign?

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