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    well, it seems rather obvious to all that you very well could be Bill Warman himself. What better way to make a defense for yourself than through a seemingly seperate user.

    Also, at, you list a Palm IIIv. What exactly is one of those? It's not a typo either since you list it that way multiple times. Just curious. I'm equally curious to know if you have Palm's permission to use an image of a Palm III on your site.

    Marcus or James, could we get an IP trace here to determine if Inventorb and olddog are the same user?

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    Well, here's the official response from Concept Kitchen on Mr. Warman:

    Re: Warman Patent Claims


    Recently you contacted us asking about allegations you have read or seen concerning a patent owned by William Warman. We believe Mr. Warman’s verbal attacks on this company are unfair and illegal. We have so informed Mr. Warman, which may be why he stopped writing to us and our vendors.

    Rest assured, after we first heard from Mr. Warman in 1998, we hired experienced patent attorneys to evaluate his patent and his demand for exorbitant licensing fees. (Those fees, by the way, would more than double the price of our products.) We have advised Mr. Warman of the advice given by our patent attorneys, including the conclusion that his patent is not valid. The attorneys have further explained to Mr. Warman that this company has "intervening rights" because our product was designed and sold before Mr. Warman obtained his reissue patent. For that additional reason, there is no legal requirement that the company take a license under the patent.

    Concept Kitchen has always respected the legal rights of others, including intellectual property rights. We will continue to do so in the future. However, we will not pay what amounts to intellectual property ransom. If you have any further questions about this matter, please feel free to contact me.


    Tim Nugent
    Customer Service Manager
    Concept Kitchen
    So therefore, Mr. Warman has lied to us about his royalties from Concept Kitchen. What a way to do business; lie to the customers (or potential ones anyway).
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    In defense of OldDog, many of our posts on this topic have become a bit "atagonizing for antaginizing's sake" which isn't too much different than what InventorB has done. We should try to keep the topic a bit more civil.

    Along those lines, I don't think InventorB ever lied to us about Concept Kitchen paying royalties (correct me if I am wrong). He has been vague and has side-stepped the issue, but he had neither confirmed that they are indeed infringing his patent or if they are actually paying him royalties.

    That said, InventorB: I have absolutely no idea what the point of your last post was. Could you clarify that? Apparently there is now a link to your site from EasyPeel's site. That's all I know. Please explain the point of the post.

    And, if you get a chance, I'd appreciate an answer to the WriteRight issue.

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    I got exact same response from ConceptKitchen. Thanks for the post.

    Mr. Warman, you raised a question regarding the legitimacy of an earlier response from ConceptKitchen posted by Gameboy70(5-18-00 see page2 of discussion). I believe your remarks(5-30 page2) were:

    "The supposed concept kitchen response is incorrect. If you indeed are from concept kitchen you know how to contact me."

    Well, at least 3 people here have INDEPENDENTLY contacted ConceptKitchen, and we all recieved the same response. This pretty much validate that the responses are indeed from ConceptKitchen and legitimate.

    Therefore that makes you a liar, Mr. Warman.

    Mr. Warman you have also stated on 5-31(page 4):

    "I have contacted 143 different Companies and Corporations. None and I repeat NONE of them has proven that my Patented Idea was in existence before I invented it. NONE of them has shown us any evidence to Invalidate my Art. Many of them have tried to invalidate my Art with so called Shipping Label patents.

    I challenge any body who reads this to prove. I was not the first one to invent this. You are require by law to prove this Invalidity. The companies I have informed are required by law to PROVE to me that the patent is not valid. NONE of these company's have proven this.

    All I hear is accusations. This will not prove anything."

    You wanted PROOF? Here's part of the offical response from ConceptKitchen:

    "...after we first heard from Mr. Warman in 1998, we hired experienced patent attorneys to evaluate his patent and his demand for exorbitant licensing fees. (Those fees, by the way, would more than double the price of our products.) We have advised Mr. Warman of the advice given by our patent attorneys, including the conclusion that his patent is not valid. The attorneys have further explained to Mr. Warman that this company has "intervening rights" because our product was designed and sold before Mr. Warman obtained his reissue patent. For that additional reason, there is no legal requirement that the company take a license under the patent."

    mmm.... "patent not valid" "our product was designed and sold BEFORE Mr. Warman..." "no legal requirement..."

    Mr. Warman, you have been contradicted in EVERYTHING that you had stated. Therefore, that again makes you a liar.

    Mr. Warman please validate YOUR accusations with something factual. If you can not, then I demand a public apology.


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    Assuming 'OldDog' is not Mr. Warman. Doesn't anybody else find it ironic that 'Mellisa' is telling us to be a productive worker, but has basically cut and pasted Mr.Warman's website into a slightly different configuration?

    By comparing both their idea's of business (taking something else, slightly changing it and calling it 'their own') one would have to deduce that they are either one in the same person, or related (as the only way somebody would pick up these traits (for lack of a better word) is to grow up learning from Mr. Warman.

    Melissa, i'll assume this is your name, don't tell me or anybody else to spend our energy and be more 'productive' when what you've done would take the sub-average computer user with a 'Microsoft Getting Results' book about a half hour to accomplish.

    Do you want to see what 'productive' really is? Look at ANY website that was conceived from original ideas....hmmm...conceived from original ideas = productive. I think certain 'inventors' should learn this.

    This thread is getting too funny and frankly 'sitcom-ish'.

    I personally think it's time to end it and tell Mr.Warman (and 'Melissa') to plague another site (as it appears they jump from board to board like a bad virus).

    The End.
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    Hmmm...interesting that is registered under Mr. Bill Warman.


    Just great...not only is Mr. Warman a power/money-hungry self-proclaimed inventor, but he's also a cross-dressing schizophrenic!
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    <nitpick>Actually, schizophrenics hear voices. People with Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID) have multiple personalities. That's why the jokes in "What About Bob" and "Me, Myself & Irene" aren't exactly correct.</nitpick>

    Sorry, I had to.

    Anyway, back on topic. I had a feeling that domain was his. I doubt he'll give us an explanation though. He never does. He's too evasive to be trusted as a businessman.

    Marcus or James, any luck on that IP trace. I'd be interested to know if OldDog and Inventorb come from the same IP.
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    hmmm...Melissa's Screen Protectors, 210 N. 86th St. Mesa, AZ 85207

    Melissa "olddog", I thought you're from CA? Why did you gave the address above to people who wanted a refund?

    That's the some city and state, Mr. Warman is based.

    I thought you make all the screen protectors yourself, shouldn't returns go to you?
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    Anybody feel like organizing a T-shirt design contest, profits to go in support of Ryan's site?
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    in light of Nhatman's discovery, I have to ask, didn't you say that you designed the site yourself? And yet apparently you didn't since the site is logged to Bill Warman. Anything you'd like to share? If not, you have to understand, we're all assuming that you are Bill Warman. If it is in fact Bill, bad form!

    It just keeps getting wierder (or more wierd, whichever it's supposed to be. Watch out for the grammar police.)
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    for what it's worth, hawk...

    schizophrenia is not restricted to hearing voices... it really has to do with living in a different reality - which can encompass hearing voices, or paranoid delusions, or a lot of other stuff, for that matter.

    check it out here (for starters)

    i know, i know, i'm a nasty little nitpicker, but this subject happens to be one i'm closer to than i would like (a family member suffers... ).

    anyway, i'm starting personally to think we've got it mixed up... maybe bill warman is a front for 11th grade melissa... bad grammar, immature customer relations, and c.

    i like bananas.

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    Good to know! I always wondered how those movies got away with those jokes if they were as inaccurate as I thought they were. Thanks for the link. It was very informative. Sorry to hear you have a personal tie to the illness. It's a tough one because of the stereotypes many people have of it.

    Sorry to be off topic again.

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    Originally posted by bandersnatch:
    Dear me, now I'm all confused! I thought he didn't want people selling secondhand Write-Rites on Ebay because he DIDN'T get royalties!!! Is he saying he wants them TWICE?
    Mr. Warman doesn't appear to get royalties on WriteRights. He only makes vague insinuations that he does, like "Concept Kitchen is making me a lot of money." Meanwhile, Concept Kitchen denies paying him any royalties.
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    Originally posted by olddog:
    Wow! I just got it also! You don't make any sense either. You guys spend way to much time trying to get Mr. Warman mad at saying anything (which some are very stupid including yours) which apparently is not working. So just quit waisting your time! Like I said in my first message, if you guys would use the amount of energy that you are using towards Mr. Warman at work, you might actually be a productive worker.

    Hey olddog stop reading and posting here and GET TO WORK!!
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    I have received confirmation from EasyPeel that the link they posted to Warman's site is because of his threats. In fact, the site was apparently shut down for a short time because of his claims of "patent infringement" until the link was posted.

    That man is dispicable. Talk about an abuse of the system through legal threats. He attempted to put out of business a company who makes something that has nothing to do with PDAs or screen protectors, and nothing to do with his patent.

    Maybe we can call the State Bar in whatever state Mr. Warman's attorney is and file a complaint.
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    Mr. Warman:

    I've tried to be open-minded about this whole ordeal, but you have done little to answer my questions, making it VERY hard to come to an unbiased conclusion. In light of recent events, I MUST INSIST THAT YOU ANSWER THE FOLLOWING:

    How is EasyPeel's Static-Sticker product infringing on YOUR patent? Please explain your logic.

    They don't sell screen protectors!...they sell STATIC STICKERS--SOMETHING YOU DID *NOT* INVENT!

    Please Mr. Warman, help my understand your thinking. I'm trying, but you're not helping...
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    I just finished reading this amazing thread from the beginning. After reading every word he wrote, noting which ones he seemed to intend as on-topic responses, and looking through his web site, IMHO "Mr. Warman" is very likely another 11th grader, or younger.

    This would explain a great deal (attitude, immaturity, grammar and spelling (though these are SO very poor that I suspect English is not his first language (not that there's anything wrong with that)), lack of understanding of impact of remarks, cause and effects, legalities versus goodwill, and so on). It would also raise another question, namely: who's in charge here? Some of you have probably heard of other extremely bright young kids who are in similar entrepreneurial positions - I know of one myself - but I believe there are legal things involved (forgive my ignorance of the details) that require adults to be part of such an enterprise also. In the best of situations, the adults temper the kids' greener skills and apply their knowledge and diplomacy where it's appropriate, while letting the prodigies do whatever it is they do best. In the worst of situations ... well, it might turn out a lot like the case of little Melissa Warman, or do I mean Billy?

    Am I the only one who sees this as a real possibility?
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    While that theory is certainly fun, he is, in fact, an adult. One who likes bass fishing and abusing the patent law system.

    I like the theory of him being an 11th grader, as I could *almost* understand his lack of logic and stubborness if that were true (mind you, that wouldn't be a very mature 11th grader...). Alas, it isn't--which leaves no explanation as to why he is the way he is.

    I was hoping to get some logical answers from him, but that just isn't going to happen. He spouts threats and misleading comments. His lawyer has also, curiously, not posted anything of worth to this discussion either. Why?

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    I understand from reading the posts how you can get the impression that Warman is an 11th grader (he certainly thinks at that level).

    Unfortunately, he's not (unfortunate because if he was, it would be easier to understand and "forgive" his antics). He's apparently a big bass fisherman in Arizona who has allegedly won some prizes for the fish he's caught (though he has proven he can tell a pretty good fish story and his claims should be questioned).

    From the picture of him holding a fish, he looks to be in his 40's or 50's.

    I wonder if he wins his competitions by suing everyone who puts a fishing line in the same lake as him?

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    I looked at his picture again - probably 60's or 70's.

    Of interest - he uses a product called Kick 'n' Bass to catch fish. He apparently tried to keep it a secret for a long time.

    What is with this guy? He'll use a product that seems to work (kick n' bass), but he won't give the product any credit and will greedily try to keep it a secret. Now, he tries to go after anything that he feels is his competitor (Easy Peel) whether it is or not, and tries to take credit for everything, including things he didn't have anything to do with (WriteRights).

    [had to fix my post, I was almost sounding like Warman! ]

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