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    What's with the Schiffer Palm? It's just a blue Palm V. Personally I wouldn't buy it just because it's named after Claudia. I'm female and the last thing I want is someone saying I'm trying to copy her. I think this targets to men more than women. What do you think?
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    Or men buying it for their wives thinking they'll like it!

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    So I wonder if it will come with the "mirror" app bundled on it? Maybe some makeup tips, or an app that tells you you're about to commit a fashion faux paux...
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    I think it's targeted towards non-techies, male or female, who wouldn't otherwise give the Palm a second look. Not that I think it's a great idea. Then again, Palm has always had pretty terrible advertising campaigns (remember the nude woman?).

    Sure it's silly, but I think it'll do well anyway. The aqua blue metallic finish should prove very popular, since blue is the most popular color for the Visor.
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    Um ... Claudia Schiffer endorsing a product like the Palm V - is another reason for me _not_ to buy it. But then, there are always people who need celibrities to convince them that they should buy a product ... I am always particularly suspicious (if the product would be great, it would sell itself and they would not need a celebrity to promote it). I know, I am a littly cynical sometimes...

    On the other hand ... I only bought my Visor because James owns one
    BTW James - when do I get my autograph??



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    Heh.. James provide us with feedback and useful information for our visor. I don't think Claudia can do that with Palm V. She might include a bunch of free software downloadable from Palmgear on the included CD
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    Yeah, but it might be nice to have Claudia in the 'palm' of your hand.......

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    Originally posted by rclayton:
    Yeah, but it might be nice to have Claudia in the 'palm' of your hand.......

    Hey maybe Handspring will make a laetitia Casta Visor!
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    How about a Pamela Lee version... it could have, like, really *big* buttons!

    Also, a Tonya Harding Palm: graceful and clunky at the same time; if it gets near a better palm device, it whacks it one with the stylus

    I doubt, therefore I might be.
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    Slogan: "Nice form factor!"
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    Originally posted by linguas:
    How about a Pamela Lee version... it could have, like, really *big* buttons!
    ...and "short-term" memory (only 2 megs...)

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    Originally posted by fixitgal:
    ...and "short-term" memory (only 2 megs...)

    and it would STILL be one of the most popular PDA's on the market!!! Guys would have posters of the Pam-Palm on their walls, women would secretly tune into a TV show featuring the Pam-Palm fighting crime because the wouldn't want to admit that they like the show... Where's the problem? That would send Palm stock through the roof!

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    Or a Monica Lewinsky Visor, suck up battery fast

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