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    I'm curious about the "meaning" behind people's screen names...some are pretty interesting. Personnally, when I first discovered VisorCentral, I was sitting watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs and when asked for a screen name, just happened to look down at my "Hockey's Life" t-shirt I was wearing at the time. Anybody else got a screen name anecdote.....

    Built for comfort, not for speed...
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    Well mine's pretty dumb.. It's just the first 2 letters of my name (Michael Ralph Ducker) and the 2000 comes from my computer crashing and me forgetting the password to me e-mail so I created a new account
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    From Canada.
    Now living in the USA.

    pretty simple.
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    ToolkiT: When I was a student we had a 'collect as many streetsigns as possible' contest.....
    In the end I got really good at it and always carried around my 'streetsign-re-allocation-toolkit'
    Hence my friends called me toolkit....

    I stuck with the name ever since....I dumped the 'streetsign-re-allocation-toolkit' a long time ago but carry a letherman micra and my Visor anywhere nowadays...
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    Mark... likes Eagles... and my Visor, of course...

    'collect as many streetsigns as possible'
    Hmmm... that explains the move to Australia...

    MarkEagle - Ice is nice!

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    Mine originally came from a weird parody of Star Trek I wrote for science class once, in which the Escargonauts were a bunch of giant snails who acted like Star Trek type characters (escargo + astronaut). Shortly after that, Yahoo started offering free e-mail, and I tried getting an account. However, every name I tried was taken, even obscure Afrikaans words for animals. Thinking that there might be some kind of cache error telling me the names were taken I then put "escargonaut" in to test, as I had invented the word. It went through, and I eventually started using it all over the web.

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    Before owning handhelds my other passion was Counted Cross Stitch = xstitcher.
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    Long time ago (in the age of the BBS), I use to go by the alias "Digital". However, upon the move to the net in 94, a lot of others used "digital" so a name change was in order. I found a marker in the drawer and it was "Cerulean" .. I thought it sounded cool so I have been using it ever since. Occasionally I'll run into other "Ceruleans" so I end up with Naelurec (cerulean backwards) ..
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    Simple: My friends used to call me Petrograd thinking it meant Peter the Great (from the Tsar of the same name) but I wasn't sure if "grad" meant great or city, so I just kept the first part, Petro, which is (so I've been told) old Russian for Peter.

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    M*A*S*H. I always liked Alan Alda's character "Hawkeye". Simple enough
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    Mine is just my name. (Jeez, how original!)
    My e-mail "name" is Telyx, my Advanced Dungeons & Dragons character (a cleric-assassin; talk about job security!) from 1986.

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    I started using "Usonian" for all of my various online logins a couple of years ago... it refers the houses Frank Lloyd Wright designed in the 30's, 40's, and 50's in his "Usonian" style.

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    VoxDei - latin for "The Voice of God" (appropriate for a clergyperson, don't you think?!)
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    I usually get either LuckyChuck or LChuck, which comes from my days of running cross country and track meets. I used to get nervous before running a race and just "chuck" in the bushes. However, I always ran better when I did toss my lunch up, so the chucking was "lucky", hence the name LuckyChuck!
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    Originally posted by LuckyChuck:
    I used to get nervous before running a race and just "chuck" in the bushes.
    Remind me never to run cross country with you!


    "No matter where you go...there you are!"
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    If you can't guess, I chose mine when I wanted a Visor but wasn't sure about the company, so I stayed PDA-less. I had a serious case of ENVY though.
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    Ooooh, this is fun!

    OK. The NARNIA is from "The Chronicles of Narnia" by C.S. Lewis. (GREAT set of 7 stories.) When I was a kid, someone gave the set to my little sister as a gift - I read them, she didn't...) The "_77" is because 7 is my favorite number, and I had problems trying to use just the NARNIA to sign up for an e-mail account. (Most names were taken, so I just kept trying different combos, til something worked.) I'm a big fan of Star Wars, and Star Trek, so all my friends assumed I'd pick a name from one of them - they were wrong.

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    Take a Swedish blood line, add the letters of r.j. benson, mix well and . . .

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    I am a college coach (school name withheld to protect the innocent)so I work with 18 - 21 year old kids all day. They gave me the name. "Mace" is a rapper and since my last name is Macy they seem to think it is funny that they call me Mace (I am a balding white guy who listens to country music). The "Dog" is 90's slang for "dude". I'm not real sure why I chose to use that name here at VC - I guess I was just trying to keep up with the Jones's.
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    Originally posted by MarkEagle:
    Hmmm... that explains the move to Australia...

    Nah, I returned (most of) the signs anyway.

    I'm a law-obeying-tax-paying citicen now, not the wild student anymore Heck I even got married!
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