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    Mine just goes with my name Devin Ray, and when i was registering for VC I was talking to someone on AOL whose name was Masta 4Real. So I just added the 4Real to my name.
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    Mine is just the standard first name last initial deal.
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    mine is my web site
    all around good guy

    drop me a line
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    ... Ever hang out at the Guardian Unlimited talkboards? No? Well...

    There was this "pub" thread I started called The Fishmonger's Tavern. A creative title, a small bit of creative writing introducing the place, and some fun comments in the spirit of such a place.

    Seems the headwaiter did double-duty as entertainment, waterskiing behind a motorboat in shark-infested waters. Seems a Great White jumped majestically, arced magnificently, and swallowed in one gulp the pub employee. (Admittedly, I didn't describe things this well, but I couldn't resist a good fish story )

    Anyway, Colin the Fishscaler had to take over for the duration of the thread (about 2000 posts).

    Unfortunately, Graun's (GU's nickname) talkboards were forced to shutdown and retool due to hackers, and when brought back up, I logged on as Fishscaler rather than use my real name.
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    Now that I tried to remember how I came up with Sideway, I realized that I forgot. I first used it for a chatroom and just stuck with it.
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    My real name is Robert Talbert. When I was in high school (yes, they had public schools back then) I got a school jacket with my name stitched onto it. The lapel folded over and blocked the "Ro" and "Tal", and one of my friends walked up to me, looked at my jacket and said "Hey, Bert Bert." That nickname has stuck ever since.

    Being a math prof, I can also use my name to demonstrate factoring:

    Robert + Talbert = (Ro + Tal)*bert

    Some fun eh?
    Mark 12:28-31
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    When I was around 14 I started having nightmares every night about myself dying in different ways. I don't know what caused this. I'm thinking maybe it was one of my shadey friends that brought over the Faces of Death video's. Anyway, after a year or two of this my mom bought me a book called "Control Your Dreams" by Jayne Gackenbach and Jane Bosveld. I became obsessed with the book and probably read it over 30 times. I had my first lucid dream 3 months later which ended the nightmares. It's progressed to learning and pioneering new induction methods and techniques. My ability to become lucid in a dream and remember the dream vividly has amazed even myself. It only seemed logical to pick it has a handle.

    If you're intrested in this I suggest looking into it further at

    If you read than and are very intrested and want a real primer then read this book at

    You'll see that this goes from hobby to a new way of life.
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    Mine Is really easy to figure out. I was signing up and said, hey, I like Visors, Hey, I'm a Guy, DOH someone has Visor Guy, Let's try Visor Guy2. Sweet! But I have recently been signing up at places as, WhiteRabbit5. Cuz I like the Matrix and I love Rabbits and the number 5. Plus I don't have to explain it to Non-Tech people.
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    This is a cool thread. It is interesting to hear the stories behind the names. My sig explains what my name means.

    Cakchiquel is spoken by some of the indegenous people in Gautemala. The indegenous people of Guatemala are of Mayan decent, and they still speak their languages (there are hundreds of them). Spanish is a second language to many of them. I spent some time in Guatemala, and many months with those who spoke Cakchiquel. I learned a little of it, but by far the best word I learned was utz. I has many meanings but they are all positive.
    Utz -- (Pronounced 'ootz', it means good, happy, etc. in the Mayan language of Cakchiquel)
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    Ah...its my first name, Josh. and the ie is for joshie and the CA if for San Diego Calif.

    Really hard to guess that one huh!
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    Superfly == it sounds cool! And the fork on my mountain bike is a Marzocchi Superfly.

    AEPi == I'm a brother in the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity.
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    Originally posted by utz
    I spent some time in Guatemala, and many months with those who spoke Cakchiquel
    Sacarik, Utz! (good day!) I grew u... er... spent my "formative years" in Guatemala (at least until I was 24) and the rest of my family lives there still.
    My name comes from my speaking four languages - Linguas is "languages" in Latin.
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    I've been using my screen name for four or five years now. It fit me well as an undergrad, and I've never had to fight anybody else for it. I'm a female graduate student pursuing a Ph.D. in organic chemistry, hence the name Ladychem.

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    Sakaric Tat! Its nice to know there are other Chapines on VC (I consider myself at least a little Chapin) What part of Guatemala are you from? I spent most of my time in Solola, Chimaltenango, and Sant Lucia.

    Utz -- (Pronounced 'ootz', it means good, happy, etc. in the Mayan language of Cakchiquel)
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    Mine is actually a type of anagram - doesn't look that way does it..
    "One of the most important things you learn from the internet is that there is no ‘them’ out there. It’s just an awful lot of ‘us’." -- Douglas Adams
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    My screen name is

    Obvious &

    The only account name I've used that's even vaguely interesting is "Erehwon", which was the name
    of my country when I used to play Empire with my buddies.
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    These are neat stories. This one's longish but maybe not so interesting.
    I didn't want to use my real name as my Visor user name. I go with the idea that "It works better if it has an identity." Though calling my car "old heap" has likely done some psychologic damage.
    I was going to use the name of some comic or TV hero sidekick, but couldn't come up with one I liked.
    It randomly occured to me that a handheld computer is like an extension of the brain -- it holds the stuff you need to know but don't always have immediately available or memorized.
    Alongside that, I have always thought of the skull as the most important bone -- it protects your brain, without which you're pretty much just an oxygen/nitrogen processing plant. It's also a minor obsession, as I have a collection of skulls (not real ones).
    Around the same time that I got my VDX, I got a copy of The Complete Works of Shakespeare. Handheld computer to remember stuff, collection of skulls, Hamlet holds the skull of Yorick in his hand when he's remembering about him, put six and three together ...
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    well, anyone (except my family) who's known me longer than a year dispenses with matt or matthew and goes to matty. and i was on this board pretty early, so i got it. sometimes i use mattydee (d for daniels, you know)

    elsewhere, i too use various shakespeare characters... malvolio, nickyb (for bottom the weaver), whatever... (as a teacher of shakespeare, i try to match the name to the site's purpose, so on my own site, i'm malvolio, the steward, when i'm just there to have fun, i'm nickyb, you get the picture.)

    when i first got on the web, i was using variations of trep (teerep, tyrrep, t_rep) because my theatre company is called tyrannosaurus rep. i'm a fan of dinosaurs, and a practitioner of that dinosaur of entertainment, theatre, so they just seemed to fit.

    reading these threads i'm startin to think of quitting sowing my wild oats around the web, and settling down with one name. it has to be perfect tho'... more thought. more thought!
    exit, pursued by a bear.
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    Mine is shortcutkid. When I did a stint in a Technical Support role, I would continually be talking to my co-workers and offering them tips to do things quicker and with fewer keystrokes or keystroke combinations (shortcuts). Well, the person that I sat next to thought of me as her little brother (probably has something to do with my jester-like activities) so, she gave me the nickname of ShortCutKid. I liked it, so I kept it and have used it for close to 4 years now.
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    I came up with mine when I was younger and my older brother was my Idol. His is madpeoples, mine is just tweaked a little bit...
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