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    Ghent, Ny (Columbia County-south of Albany, right off Taconic Pkwy) which is, I know, not UPSTATE New York to somebody from Rochester!
    I work in Latham which is right outside of Albany, towards Saratoga.
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    Thought I'd kick this thread up again since there's so many new members lately. Still just curious...
    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice...
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    Obviously, this is just my name. But when I choose anonymity, I use SKOOFF -- it's a name my dad called me as a kid, and then I got married and the first two letters are my initials. I vary it by the number of "F's" at the end!
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    I'm a long time parrothead and just a little bit crazy
    So Mad Mango was the moniker for me!

    Mad Mango....Living and Dying in 3/4 Time

    If we weren't all crazy, we just go insane.
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    'The Third Man' is a cool Orson Wells movie, that's all. (see my avatar) Gotta love the Cuckoo Clock speech and the zither theme song!

    I hate picking email addresses and such, so I stick to two things that are rarely used:
    Krpoun, my last name and
    Thirdman, which is rarely used.

    Krpoun is really safe as there are only 8 of us in the US, and only a handful in Europe.
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    Me? I'm jus lazy, couldn't bring myself to remember different names for different websites, so there i was, 1997, wondering around on the internet, try to think of a screen name that others wouldn't use and I would remember... Then I thought, all these websites ask ME for names, who am I to myself? me, it's just me! Since its kinda long, I've been called meits, mei, and stuff like that, I'm not bothered, at least I got a name I could use everywhere and could remember. =)

    BTW, There are so many great stories in all these screen names, maybe someone should setup a website for this! =) I've seen a bulletin board for screen names in a Chinese website, this is the second time I came into something like this, and seems everyone's got interesting story/memory tied to their names......
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    For this board I go by my real name...I guess I was trying to seem professional (Who knows?). I signed up in Jan of 2000, as Matt Nichols, but lost my password and changed e-mail addresses (From AOL to non-crap) so I didn't want to go through a lot of trouble trying to recover it.
    Matt Nichols
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    Like others have said, they didn't want suffixes and numbers on the end of their names and I didn't either. So I thought about the stuff I liked as I was creating my AOL acount 5 years ago. I love Star Wars and centered on that and came up with this:

    Endor=the Ewok planet

    No number on the end of my name, I was happy and I've been using it ever since.
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    For everywhere else I use the screen name VigoSprax, which comes from the Star Wars book Shadows of the Empire. A Vigo was a one of Prince Xizor's high lieutenants & Sprax was one of their names, hes a giant rat type thing.

    My e-mail address is VigoSpraxPalm because I had originally wanted seperate e-mail to be synched with my Palm to avoid junk mail but I just gave up on the original.
    Matt Nichols
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    Like a lot of folks I was trying to think of something that I would remember and could use in lotsa places... this comes from a bumper sticker in the mid-70s that one of my older friends already at Va. Tech had on his souped-up Nova. I ended up going there as well so I thought it was appropriate.


    (Only the first letters were on the bumper sticker...) Don't ask me why this stuck in my brain after all these years!
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    I chose "zieak" because that's what I've been going by since 1988. It is pronounced just like Zeke or Ziek or Zeak. I just chose to combine the spellings. For a while I was inverting the "i" = Z!eak (how genX of me!) but most places don't allow those "special" characters. But _I'm_ a special character! My mom and dad said so. They said that was why I got to ride a short bus to school. The only time I've ever had a problem establishing an account with that username is when I already had one and forgot the password. Doh! That and when they want more than 5 characters. The real name is Ryan Shawn McFarland. Where does the Zieak come from? Someone just asked me if my name was Zeek. I said no. And it stuck. Better than "Skunk" or "Bamby" which were nicknames from the previous week. But that is another story...
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    I love computers, primarily portables, PDAs, etc. When I was thinking about a name for my small computer consulting company I decided that I am definitely not high tech, so...I must be low tech! The name of my (very)small company is Low-Tech, but lowtech is now my screen name everywhere and I have it on my license plates...I get smiles from people driving by, it's easy to remember and it's fun! Also, I think the quill pen is an ultimate low tech item - a perfect logo!

    Linda Worthington
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    Life is not a dress rehearsal!
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    i really enjoy the histories revealed here, an inside peek into how people choose to identify themselves.

    zero phase is just the beginning.
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    women i date have a strange habit of giving me rather unique stuffed animals. the strangest part about this is that they don't know about the animals the previous gf's have provided. i have two rather odd shaped dogs (stuffed animals made from children's drawings), a frog with a navel ring and an afro, a three legged man with one arm, and a chicken, which i dubbed the mensachicken ( )

    the weird history of the mensachicken is this: he sits on top of my tv. one day he fell off my tv and my dog ate (and swallowed) his head. so he was then headless. very sad day. i took this as a sign that my dog was fed up with his own toys. so i went to the good will store to buy him some used toys to play with (very cheap there) and what do you know... an identical chicken was there for 25 cents. i've never seen another beside the two i've owned.

    for those that don't know, mensa is a group of people who think that they're smarter than everyone else just cause they have mega IQs. top .5 percentile of IQs. i just thought the idea of a chicken being in the top .5 percentile of chicken intelligence was funny, hence the juxtaposition of the two words.

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    It looks like the Chick Fila (sic) chicken from the restaurant chain!
    "I am a debtor both to Greeks and to Barbarians, both to the wise and to the foolish."
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    Elsewhere on the net, I use the name "Nyrath".
    One of my favorite series of novels is Tolkien's THE LORD OF THE RINGS. In Lin Carter's A LOOK BEHIND THE LORD OF THE RINGS, he mentioned that many of the names in LOTR come from an ancient book of Norse mythology called the Elder Edda.
    Examining a copy of the book, I found "Nyrath" a couple of lines below "Gandalf", and appropriated it.

    As for how I got my real name "Winchell Dosuk Chung"...
    I'm actually a junior, being named for my father.

    It seems that my grandfather was helped while in college by a certain Dr. George Winchell. In gratitude, my grandfather named his firstborn son after Dr. Winchell.

    This explains why I have a last name as my first name.

    What is even weirder is the coincidence of my first and middle names.
    "Winchell" is an old English word meaning "a bend in a road".
    "Dosuk" is a Korean word meaning "a broad road".

    So I guess my name means "a broad crooked road"...
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    Mine is kinda boring... but I'll play this game (especially since other Star Wars fans have owned up to their obsessions ).

    Helen is obviously my name. The 5 was chosen because Luke Skywalker was Red 5 in A New Hope (it seemed easy enough to remember). However... and this is where I admittedly go off the deep end, my Visor is nicknamed "Tonin." Yes, it's another Star Wars reference.

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    Mine is just a cruel combination of Yosemite Sam and Green eggs and ham. I always got herassed about green eggs and ham in school, that is why Sam I Am. And one of my favorite cartoon characters is Yosemite Sam. So heck...why not combine?

    As for my signature...well, you will see that the beach is my second love in life, right behind my trusty PDA! (just kidding, my wife is my first love...alright, enough with the mushy crap!)
    <span style="color: blue;">Where's the "Make Coffee" button again?</span>
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    My last name is Juniper. People often just glance at it and read it as Jupiter which is easily shortened to Jupe. So I picked up that nickname in my freshman year in college.

    What's more interesting is how my family got the name Juniper. The way the story goes, my great grandfather was abandoned as a very small child in Philadelphia. They never found out who he belonged to so they named him Mike (for the cop who found him) Juniper (for the street he found him on).
    I'd rather be upside down in my kayak than rightside up at my desk.
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    I think that was back in early '90s, bunch of rappers of
    "dance hall" Reggae started having names like "U-Roy" or something similar with "U-...".

    At the same time, I was in this small town called Carbondale in southern Illinois, being a lazy student. One of my friends had full DJ equipment and doing "backyard DJ" over weekends and stuff. Since I had corrected so many Reggae records by that time(since there's not much to do in that small town), I asked him to let me be a Reggae DJ once(again, there was not much else to do).

    My friend's name was Kouichi. For his DJ name, he retained the sound KOU as KO, and for ICHI, he used English translation, which is ONE. "KO-1", sort of like KRS-1. He was playing HipHop, so it was just cool.
    He let me play the turntables, but he asked me to have a DJ name.

    So, I came up with mine; Yuki is my name.

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