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    Originally posted by ToolkiT:
    Heck I even got married!
    Bummer man, happens to the best of us

    What the Heck! It's what I want!
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    Originally posted by visor empowered:
    Bummer man, happens to the best of us
    incase anybody is interested (probably not ) here are the picture of my first day in slavery

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    My screen name was chosen in honor of our 15-time World Heavyweight Champion, "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Diamonds are forever, and so is Ric Flair. Woooooooohhh!
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    Long ago, before the net, before AOL, on Compuserve, surfing at a blazing 300 baud, I was faced with the choice of a user name.

    I looked out the bedroom window and saw my VW Fox that had the license plate LAMBDA.

    LambdaFox was born...
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    well, my favorite band is mxpx, which stands for magnified plaid, and one of their songs is titled pxpx. they call themselves the pokinatcha punks, sooo...there you have it. my name was born
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    "VisorDeluxe": Need an explaination?
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    Mine is simple I am 5'2" and my shoe size is a mens 10( which might not be bad except I am a woman)!!!!

    I've become a visor junkie!!

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    I used to work at an audio shop installing and repairing stereo equipment. The owner, an ex-hippie, felt obligated to give everyone who worked there a new name. Voila!
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    Well, mine's pretty boring too.

    My last name's Lacher, and I'm a Certified Lotus Professional. (I'm a Lotus Notes Developer).

    See - told you it was boring.
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    I think I was struck by the lack of available names and awe at all the things I have seen and haven't seen in the world. I found a quote recently that sums it up;

    "We are all naturally seekers of wonders. We travel far to see the majesty of old ruins, the venerable forms of the hoary mountains, great waterfalls, and galleries of art.
    And yet the world wonder is all around us; the wonder of setting suns, and evening stars, of the magic spring-time, the blossoming of the trees, the strange transformations of the moth...
    Albert Pike (1809-1891)
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    I used to work in technical support and was always tearing things apart. I had a knack for bringing Macs back to life, so my "fixit shop" was born. (I once "fixed" a LaserWriter just by touching it...) Had drawers full of parts and tools engraved with my initials (in case they "wandered off"..)

    Still enjoy tinkering, but now my patients come in different colors

    ps. Toolkit, you're a lucky man!

    Queen of Parts
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    It's a Southern thing. My parents named me Robert Michael and I was born in Portsmouth, Virginia (and raised in Memphis, Tennesse). By the age of five I was Bobby Mike. I rebelled at five and rejected Bobby Mike ("Shut up Jesse, I ain't no redneck! Now y'all give me back my Moonpie, or ahl whup ya!") and Robert ("Mom, Robert sounds like an accountant!") and was left with Michael. Now after living in Upstate New York for a decade, and only getting back 'home' to the South every once in a blue moon, I feel the call of the Grits and must acknowledge who I am.... Bobby Mike of the Florida Walters (you know, the ones who snuck up from the Cayman Islands into Jacksonville).
    Y'all have a good day now!
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    Mine is a secret which i will not release until I am rich and famous, and have more money than Bill Gates. Then again, I dont want the press following either.....hmmmmm well anyway, this is my name everywhere, including my hacker name....even though I have never hacked anything.
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    General Lemay, for the biggest badass of a general who ever lived.
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    I was one of the first on AOL with a Mac when it was still Applelink Personal Edition back in 1988. I wanted the screen name David but it was already taken by AOL's chief programmer at the time. So I roosted around for another name to avoid suffix numbers and came up with the Welsh spelling of Davydd. I've been using it ever since just about everywhere online.
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    Originally posted by fixitgal:

    ps. Toolkit, you're a lucky man!

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    My screen name is not that intresting. My parents thought that Benjamin was a great name. I hate it, but BEN is fine. (It has to be in CAPS
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    bobbymike, upstate NY? Where? I'm in Rochester.
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    Originally posted by Charo:

    I assume you're just a big fan, as opposed to being the original 'coochie-coochie' girl herself...

    By the way, my screen name is my e-mail name -- first name (joel) reversed, followed by surname.

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