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    Since Freewwweb is gone, what Free services can I use to dial with my handspring modem? If there aren't any, are there any cheap internet services?
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    Juno is signing up Freewweb customers, see
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    Don't you know Juno needs a special program to make the connection, which is only available for PC?
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    It's still working just fine for me. I downloaded all my POP3 mail (75 messages plus attachments) with MultiMail and browsed the web with Proxiweb. Try it -- what have you got to loose?

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    Another that I have heard that will work with a Palm OS PDA is at
    Worth a try anyway and they have local telephone access numbers in all 50 states.
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    I have copied this from Pocket Press. It covers both Palm OS & Win CE devices. I haven't attempted to eliminate the CE portions. You might know someone that can use it. At the end there is also info on how to subscribe to the weekly Pocket Press.


    Using "Free ISPs" to Browse the Web and Access AOL Mail from a PDA

    Ten days ago, we learned that had shut down, shunting its
    members to Juno, an ISP that is not compatible with PDAs. As of this writing,
    access to the Internet by connecting to FreeWWWeb still works; it is just
    their email services and their web portal that has closed. However, it is
    possible that this access will stop working abruptly in the future. Thanks to
    two industrious people, Dale Shank and Douglas Pollock, we offer here
    instructions for a couple of alternatives. Dale explains how to configure
    Windows CE devices to work with Douglas does the same for Palm
    owners and Both ISPs should work with all PDA operating
    systems. AKA
    by Dale Shank (Host Comp Dale)

    A "Free ISP" that some PDA users have used succesfully in the past came to
    mind as an alternative to; that service is AKA, of Baby Bob and Shaqi fame, for those of you that might still
    watch TV.

    When you go to or website you will find
    that you can create an account right away. However, to get the dial up phone
    numbers, you will have to download and install their software onto your
    desktop (don't despair, you don't have to use it, exactly).

    Once you create your user name and install their desktop client (the Windows
    95 version is only about 1.9 Meg), and reboot your machine, you can log on
    using their software. This will allow you to find and select the proper
    dial-up phone number(s) and state code for your area. It will also create a
    dial up networking entry in you're My Computer, Dial-Up Networking that you
    can use as a model for setting up a Remote Networking connection from your
    PDA. The installation of this software on your desktop does not alter the
    workings of any of your other service providers.

    Here is how to do it:

    (A) To sign up with FreeI and create an account, go to: or and select MY FREEI,
    where you can create your user name and password. They will email you a
    confirmation letter to your "current email address". You can also put this
    off until after you download and install the software, as there is a Create
    Account option during the login process that works exactly the same way.

    (B) Now go to the DOWNLOAD FREEI and follow their instructions for
    downloading and installing the software. Follow their instructions to log on
    for the first time, and make note of the phone number and state code that is
    selected for your area.

    The following instructions will help you set up your account, your Windows CE
    dialer for, and e-mail account.

    (C) To setup your dial-up connection, follow these instructions:
    From your H/PC or P/PC running Windows CE:
    1. Tap the Start button on the Wince taskbar.
    2. Tap the Programs group.
    3. Double tap the Communications folder.
    4. Double tap the Remote Networking icon.
    5. Double tap the Make a New Connection icon.
    6. Supply the name for this new Connection icon, like "FreeI" for example.
    7. Select Dial-Up Connection
    8. Tap the Next button
    9. From the Select a modem list, choose your modem.
    10. Tap the Configure button.
    11. In Connection Preferences, select your modem's highest recommended Baud
    Rate from the drop down list.
    12. Select the Data Bits, Parity, Stop Bits, and Flow Control used by FreeI.
    This is where it is good to look at the Dial-Up Networking entry created on
    your desktop, but it is likely you will simply accept the settings that are
    already there.
    13. Leave Manual Dial, Terminal Before Dialing and Terminal After Dialing
    unchecked (blank).
    14. Tap on the Call Options tab. These settings are optional for normal
    dialing and modems. Change them only if you know you want one of the
    features involved changed.
    15. Tap the OK button in the upper right of the Device Properties window.
    16. Tap the TCP/IP Settings button
    17. Check the Use Server-Assigned IP address, Use software compression, Use
    IP header compression, and leave Use Slip unchecked (blank).
    18. Tap the Name Servers tab.
    19. Check the Use Server-assigned addresses box, and leave all of the DNS and
    WINS fields blank.
    20. Tap the OK button.
    21. Tap Next button, fill in the area code, enter the Telephone Number you
    want auto-dialed. You will have found this and written it down when you
    first logged on from your desktop to assure that the setup was correct.
    Leave the Force long distance and Force local boxes blank.
    22. Tap the Finish button.
    23. Double tap the newly established connection (our example FreeI) icon.
    Type in User Name, and fill in your password, leave
    domain blank and check the Save password box. Be certain to put the after your user name. The xx is for your state abbreviation,
    which is discussed during the setup on the desktop and account creation.

    (C) Configure Email
    1. Select Inbox from your Pocket Outlook
    2. Tap Services and select Options.
    3. Tap the Services tab.
    4. Tap the Add button. Select Service type of Internet mail or POP3, Put in a
    unique Service name, such as FreeI, and then tap OK button.
    5. From the Connection list, select the FreeI ISP.
    6. In the POP3 Host, type: (where xx is your state code)
    7. In the SMTP Host, type: (where xx is your state code)
    This xx has to change if you travel to another state and access or send mail
    using a different phone number. Check the online help, and put in POP3 in the
    search box. You may want to set up additional connection profiles for other
    states if you travel often.
    8. In the User ID text box, type (where xx is your home
    state code), and type your password in the Password box, then check the Save
    9. Put in the same username (or another email of your choice) in the Return
    address box, or you can leave it blank.
    10. Leave the Domain box blank.
    11. Tap Next, then Next, then Finish, unless you know what to do for those
    advanced options.
    12. Follow the similar steps to add your other pop3 email accounts.

    (D) Connect to Pocket IE
    1. Open up Internet Explorer
    2. Click on View, and select Options.
    3. Tap the Auto Dial Tab, check Use AutoDial, and choose the FreeI ISP
    connection you just established.

    For general use, I find it works best to establish your connection through
    the Remote Networking dial-up connection, you can send a shortcut icon to the
    desktop.. You can then launch your Pocket Internet Explorer, my default home
    page address is file:///windows/default.htm - - you can then go to any web
    site you choose.

    General ISP Note:
    Most ISPs provide several services to you. One is general access to the
    Internet, another is one or more email addresses and associated service, and
    yet another can be a web portal. FreeWWWeb provided all three of these, as
    does - - for the time being it appears that FreeWWWeb's email
    service and portal has been assumed by Juno, but their Internet connection
    still is working. That could change at anytime.

    Part of the free deal with FreeWWWeb was that you agreed to visit their home
    page each time you logged on, presumably to view th
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