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    so i'm teaching myself html to set up a site for the class i teach. i have grander designs than just an online brochure, though, and i've got books to help me figure most of them out, except for discussion areas... i noticed ryan clayton has a discussion board not unlike visorcentral's, and was wondering how to set one up.

    do i have to know a whole lot of extra scripts and stuff, or is there a way to set up a kind of partnership with ubb, or what?

    any ideas?

    beware the dryptosaur.
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    UBB has a "lite" version that you can download for free or you can buy the full version for $199. I think that your server has to support CGI scripts, though I'm not exactally sure about this.
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    Yes the full version is $200 a year, and your server must support cgi. Although there are waya to get around this...anyway go to to get their info on the UBB.
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    I went through a site called They have a few free services you can use on your site. Search, free email, and the bulletin boards.

    The only problem is that I noticed they tend to be a little slow. I am on a T1 and have pages take a minute+ to load.

    But, like I said, it's free.

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    Instead of a discussion 'board' why not use a mail list like Will accomplish the same thing and you can even exclude the public from viewing it. A member can also go to a 'no mail' status but can go to the web site and read all posts there instead. It's FREE.
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    If you are looking for a no-brainer, no cost bulletin board, try:

    It has an UBB style interface, and is surprisingly customizeable once you get into it.

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