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    CNet has published what I believe is the first review of the Rio 600, which I was considering over VaporGear's MiniJam. The reviewer was lukewarm on the unit, citing the 32MB limit as the main gripe (keep in mind that the Rio is $169; the MJ is $199). The memory expansion modules for the Rio aren't out yet (sound familiar?).
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    I'd wait for the expansion modules for the RIO to come out before I would buy it. RIO is a very reliable company (from my point of view) and I do beleive that they will deliver on their product like they have on every other occasion. Another thing that you could do is wait for a few more reviews to come out and see what they say. Perhaps the RIO 600 is not yet suited for the market in which case it will not be completly released. My advice for you is to look at <A HREF="http://""" TARGET=_blank>MP3car</A> and try the MP3 CD portable player. They have the first one ever right now and its supposed to have some problems, but in a later version from the same company or another I think that they really will improve the quality. At this point I think that this will be the ultimate MP3 player. Think, memory is like $100 for 64mb's, a CD-RW is $2 for 650 mb's, the price difference is remarkable, and the player cost less than the RIO also ( $115 compared to $175 to $400).

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