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    Oh wow! This is cool!

    and the 206MHz StrongArm processor that L&H are using sounds familiar (Palm using these in the next model??)

    This will be a MAJOR leap in the common handheld.

    and here for the article...,17541,00.html

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    From the PCWorld article:
    "These [handheld devices] will have a huge disadvantage over cell phones," says Jackie Fenn, vice president and research fellow of advanced technologies at the Gartner research firm. Even if IBM and L&H can deliver what they promise, Fenn says, the number of cell phones and complementary services will leave little room for these new devices to thrive.

    However, analysts concede that speech recognition will eventually be the key that allows handheld devices to prosper once people can ask for and get information the same way they do on a phone.
    Do these 'analysts' not realize that handhelds and cell phones will probably become one very soon? Why are they still talking like the future will be PDA vs. Mobile when they'll be the same product????
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    The question isn't "will they become a single device" the question they're asking is will that device be made by companies that originally made PDAs or by companies that originally made cell phones?


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    There's no question that, in the coming months/years, were going to see PDA's and wireless phones converge. But even still, I think there will ALWAYS be an array of different devices on the market. I don't think we'll ever see the death of the PDA. The idea that consumers will carry wireless devices with an "always on" connection to the web, in my opinion, doesn't reflect the behavior of the "average" person.

    What consumers will want to use wireless connectivity for is messaging and data transfer. Maybe even some streaming video/audio. But that's about it. Think about it, where would you rather "interface" with the web? A tiny 2x3 inch screen, or a 1024x768 display on a 19 inch monitor?

    Wireless devices will serve to give us the "best of the web" experience such as email, IM, data transfer, low end content (similar to AvantGo channels), and some streaming video or audio. But the idea that wireless PDA's and Smart phones will replace the PC for web access is completely insane!


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