In a few week's I'm going to travel to Israel (a 6 month trip...)
I plan to bring my Visor and a Nokia 6120 Cell phone (the phone is WAP enabled and has an InfraRed port)
I have heard that is is possible to use the infrared ports on the Visor and Nokia 6120 to maintain a moblile internet connection.
How does the internet connection with the IR ports work? Does the Visor (or Palm) think that the Phone's IR is a modem? Or will I need to buy a separate modem?

How can one find an ISP that supports mobile Internet access with the Nokia 6120? Is there a database/website anywhere that lists the mobile internet service providers?

[Does anyone here use a Visor and a Nokia cell phone for their internet access?]

I know I posted a whole lot of questions - any answers would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!