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    Share your thoughts on why the chicken felt it was necessary to cross the road to get to the other side....
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    'cause that's where she left her Visor!!!

    Is this a scientific inquiry or do you just have way too much free time on your hands???

    MarkEagle - Ice is nice!
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    That reminds me of ... check it out yourself:

    What about a PalmOS chicken? Hmmmmm...
    Handspring Visor users should wait for the pedestrian crossing springboard...

    Which one came first - the chicken or the egg???
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    Originally posted by mc9:
    That reminds me of ... check it out yourself:
    <hee hee> here's more (lots of sci-fi shows):

    By the way Cerulean, WHY???
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    The reason I asked is simple. At work someone brought in a printout of different reasons why the chicken crossed the road, so I figured I'd do an inquiry of Visor owners to see if there is a concensus as to why the Chicken really did it.

    I kinda wonder if the innogear offices were on the other side and it was simply curiousity regarding this sixpack module. I mean, being a chicken, you don't have a very long life expectancy and my guess is it was ths mission of the chicken to simply see this marvel of a springboard...

    Then again, maybe not.. heh..

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    That's easy.....
    The chicken crossed the road to get the chinese newspaper!!

    Do you get it?

    Actually, me neither - I get the New York Times.

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