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    I just noticed today, that, while at, if you click on the little "e" in the Address line (URL location) in Internet Explorer 5, and drag it into the main browsing window, the "e" changes into the VisorCentral symbol!! This also works in Yahoo finance. James, how did you do that? I usually use Netscape, so I was surprised to find this out.

    If anyone else knows, please let me know!
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    It's a little trick that IE5 is capable of displaying a 16x16 icon.
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    How do you add a 16x16 icon to a website? I usually code in Notepad.
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    There's no code, you just need to name the icon a certain name (something like iefav.ico, not sure though) and place it in the root directory of the web site. IE will recognize it automatically.
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    It's favicon.ico, and you just put it in the root (or wherever people bookmark).

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    Thanks James!! And that's a winds icon file, or is it another image format?

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