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    I was wondering if visor owners drive the same kind of car....(if so it probably would be a SUV...just an educated guess)

    Personally I drive a (european) Opel Astra Stationwagon.
    When I move to Sydney this summer I wil probably get a toyota Hilux double cabin pickup truck or a landrover freelander....
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    LOL, I dont drive. So I am pretty much excluded from this.
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    Interesting question... I drive a 2000 Ford F-250 Superduty with a V-10, kind of a large SUV
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    '97 Toyota Celica.

    James Hromadka
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    Ford Explorer -- so you're right in my case!
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    A light green 1993 Mercury Sable, with tan interior and 144,000 miles on it. Functional transportation for the working man.

    Mind you, I'd LOVE an SUV (or better yet, a Chrysler PT Cruiser), but my car still runs and is paid off...

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    '97 Pontiac Firebird
    '97 Honda CR-V (see, here's your SUV!)
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    96 Tacoma 4x4
    96 5sp Maxima(runs like a scalded cat )

    "It's NOT a tumor!"
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    Last car: 1964 Rambler
    Current car: 1995 Dodge Neon
    Next car (automn 2K): 2001 VW New Beetle GLX
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    I drive a 1992 Volkswagen Golf.
    With the gas prices in Europe, there is no way a guy like me can afford to drive a SUV. To be honest, I don't really need a SUV...
    When you are complaining about the gas prices in the U.S., you should keep in mind that in some European countries gas is more than $4/gallon (i.e. Germany).

    But there are more important things than cars - Visors, for example

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    Interesting thought:

    We have two cars and two visors:

    1999 F250 superduty
    1995 Pontiac Grand Am

    (Blue and Ice are the colors of the visors!)

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    2 VW's and 2 Blue VDx's

    1998 VW Golf K2 (yup, i got the skis!)
    1999 VW Beetle GLX (yup, she has the flower in the vase!)

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    96 Honda Civic that I have yet to put my Handspring sticker in like I planned to.

    I am kinda jealous of the Beetle owners!
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    1992 Mitsubishi Mirage

    Might get a newer Subaru Impreza soon.

    Wouldn't be caught dead an in SUV of any color. Worthless things.
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    99 Mustang GT

    Had a Chevy Blazer 4 years ago. SUV = tall car with big trunk IMHO.

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    now that i live in the big city, i let others do the driving - mainly the guys who drive the subway trains.

    when i lived in l.a., i drove a 1976 robin's egg blue ford pinto station wagon.

    oh, yes. i did.

    i like bananas.
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    Hi All,
    I drive a 1999 (Green)Mazda Protege LX.
    It's a really cool ride :-).

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    I drive a Mocha 96 Mercury Cougar. Nice cross between a sporty car and a luxury car.

    Oh, and i have an ice visor by the way

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    Originally posted by PaulD:
    96 Honda Civic that I have yet to put my Handspring sticker in like I planned to.
    Handspring sticker?? Where'd you get that?
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    I drive a white 1996 Mustang GT Convertible. My visor loves it when I put the top down.
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