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    Originally posted by jeff318:
    Handspring sticker?? Where'd you get that?
    There's a couple of neat stickers that come in the box. If I remember correctly, they're tucked inside the CD sleeve. One is a regular old sticker and the other is one of those static cling stickers for use in a window (or inside the Ice hard cover!).

    So far, looks like I got you all beat with my 1985 (yes, '85) Chevy Cavalier! Still runs great and looks good even approaching 200k miles. And, it gets about 32 mpg! The Mrs. has the SUV - '94 S-10 Blazer, and I've got an '87 Mazda B-2600 4x4 that's been relegated to a "yard" vehicle. Someday soon (hopefully by fall), there will be a shiny red Dodge Ram 2500 Quad Cab fighting for checkbook space right next to the mortgage!

    MarkEagle - Ice is nice!
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    1995 Saab 900S, very cool car if it wasn't in red, but one of the best at my HS.
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    Blue 1995 Ford Aspire 2-door, 5-speed, manual steering, 45MPG summer (35MPG winter?!), no air conditioning, 95k miles, runs great (costs more to insure than to buy, too!). Graphite Visor Deluxe w/8MB Flash module.
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    Originally posted by Tom LaPrise:
    45MPG summer (35MPG winter?!)
    my VW does the same. They do put an additive in the fuel during the winter to prevent freezing in the lines and stuff, but i did some research and I think it might have something to do with a malfunctioning sensor in you engine that governs the amount of fuel to add based on a calculation that includes ambient temperature. So that when it's winter, the calculation just doesn't come out as it should and you end up using more fuel.
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    97 Ford Ranger(Red). My first brand new vehicle. After three years, it still looks like it did the day I drove it out of the showroom (even smells new). Actually, I drove it right through the showroom's plate glass window and took out half the sales department, but that's a different story altogether!
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    '97 honda civic with way too many miles on it. Next car = VW Passat (though that'll be a few years away yet) and/or a late 70's VW/Westafalia camper van (anyone own one of these? Good/Bad?)

    Actually, I'm surprised there are so many SUV owners out there. That just seems to be the opposite of what I would have assumed (Palm OS = sleak, small, practical...SUV = big, inefficient, unyieldy).

    Not a slam against SUV owners...just an observation.

    Remember the VW Trek/Jetta combos? I always thought they should have offered a New Beetle/iMac combo...maybe we'll see a Passat with coordinating Visor combo!

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    '97 Mercedes-Benz E420

    Not sure how it relates to my Visor or my PDA addiction, but that's what I drive. I'm looking at getting a BMW X5, so I guess I'll fall into the SUV category pretty soon (although BMW refers to it as an SAV - Sports Activity Vehicle).
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    96 Maroon Nissan Pathfinder
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    2001 PT Cruiser -

    And you thought we waited a long time to get our Visors!
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    91 Toyota Corolla
    00 Chevy Prizm
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    Originally posted by homer:
    a late 70's VW/Westafalia camper van (anyone own one of these? Good/Bad?)
    No experience with late 70's, but a buddy of mine is struggling bigtime with his '85. For the time and $$ he's put into it, he could have just bought three of them to start out, and cannibalized 2 for parts to keep the one going. WAY cool vehicle though, besides parts being so expensive.
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    '90 Toyota Corolla
    w/my Handspring and Apple Logo stickers in the back window
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    No experience with late 70's, but a buddy of mine is struggling bigtime with his '85.
    (As long as we are in the off-topic forum, I can take a thread further off topic, can't I? )

    From what little research I've done so far, one should stay away from the Westalia/VW vans from 80 - 87. I guess these are the water-cooled models and they weren't really fixed until the late 80's. My boss has an 83, I believe, and while it hasn't been too bad, he has had some major repairs on the thing.
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    '98 Mazda B4000 4-Door 4x4 in Med. Grey. Fully loaded and power everything. And no, I don't get upset when I happen to get a little mud on it like a lot of 4x4/SUV owners. My visor is blue and has a nice, comfortable spot between the seat and the shifter. We like to ride with the windows down and the CD player blasting out Dream Theater.

    Have Visor Will Travel!
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    I have Blue '99 Saturn SC1 which complements my Blue VDX.
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    99 Intense Blue Dodge Dakota.
    I'm considering a Pt Cruiser, maybe airbrush some flames on it. They're bumping up manufacturing from 50k units to 200k units this year, so if I put my order in now I should get it about the same time as a GPS springboard!
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    I currently drive a 1991 Red Buick Skylark... but my first car was a 1976 Pontiac Ventura---now that was a car....

    "the BAND!"
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    93' Jeep Grand Cherokee unlimited. Dark forrest green with the pimp daddy gold striping.

    It has a pretty good litte computer inside to control everything. Wouldn't it be great if you could hotsync. You could get diagnostic info, track mpg, tell the system you would like it to switch into high performance mode....

    Rose's are Red
    My Visor is Blue....
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    '87 Saab 900
    '87 Izuzu Trooper
    '49 Dodge PowerWagon
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    My primary vehicle is a 1986 rusty Nissan pickup! If you're traveling around central NH, you'll recognize the license plate.

    The "family car" is a 2000 Subaru Forrester.
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