By now most of you have seen the news that Palm is going to use yet another memory card spec for their expansion slot. One of the features of this new card is "enhanced" security - security capabilities beyond that already in the MultiMediaCard (MMC) that the MiniJam will be using.

Judging from the info that is available on-line, the security is there to prevent you from copying, archiving, moving, or otherwise messing with the content. So it looks like the enhancements to the SD card's security were not put there to protect Joe Palm User's personal info; and, for this reason, it seems unlikely that this security scheme will work for that purpose. The sort of encryption schemes that are good for the recording industry generally do not lend themselves to interactive databases - the fundamental building block of a Palm application.

I'd like to know more about how MMC security works (I assume that SD security works along the same lines). Can anyone shed any light on this, or on the security scheme in the new SD card spec? Is this the answer to securing personal info on a Palm device?

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