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    After much deliberation and vacilating back and forth I'm going to try the Aero 1550 exclusively for 1 month.

    I simply NEED voice recording functionality and can no longer wait for the six-pak vaporware from Innogear or the Voice Access announced module. I also really miss Pocket Streets (IMO the greatest PDA app ever).

    I've placed some items for sale on the proper forum so head over there if you are looking for a good deal or two.

    Rest assured I will continue to lurk, help, and promote the Visor here at the site. Still a great machine. I will also continue to support whatever efforts exist to legally hurt Inventorb's business. He remains a pariah to the community.


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    Thank god! I finally have someone else here to stand with me while I ward of arrows being flung at me and my Pocket PC!

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    Seriously though, I can certainly sympathize with your move to a Pocket PC. One of the reasons I made the move to one is simply that it offered more of what I wanted out of the box without having to purchase an assortment of costly add-on modules. And just like you, I still love the Palm platform, the Visor in particular! You really can't help but like its simple elegance, and assortment of useful software. And there is still a great part of me that pines for the day when I can hold a PalmOS based device that has the features of a Pocket PC. Until that day comes, I'll just have to be happy with my PPC, so far I'm VERY happy.

    If you like the idea of reading ebooks, your going to absolutely love the Microsoft Reader application. The Font quality is excellent. Although I haven't yet seen it on a grayscale PPC. I haven't seen the Aero 1550, so I can comment on speed. I think PDA Buzz ran an article on upgrading an old 1520 to a PPC ROM. I believe Wes said it doubled performance.

    If you need any help, or have any questions, let me know.
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    Thanks Foo, or is it FOO? :-)

    I've used both the 1530 and 1550 previously. Speed of the 1550, coupled with the new OS makes it 'acceptable' speed-wise.

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    Silly Palm PC users--you are inferior, so why don't you realize that nobody is making CF cards of any use, and that your platform is always inferior to the Visor! HA HA HA!

    [steps off Visor-sponsored soapbox]

    Seriously, as long as someone develops a device/program that allows 'cross-platform' beaming, I'll be all right with whatever YOU people want to use. [wink]


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    Putting my 32MB CF card to good use today :-)

    There is Peacemaker for use on Pocket PC's to beam to Palms. Nothing needed on Palm device for it to work. On HP 54x ROM, available for D/L for all others!


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    Alright foo-bar
    I gotta know this:

    1. Do you have a color Pocket PC?
    2. How fast does it boot up when you turn it on?
    3. How often does it crash?
    4. How's the handwriting recognition?

    (btw, as a C++ programer, I had to use the foo-bar joke. Nothing personal against you)
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    Hey Petro!

    OK, no offense taken!

    1. Do you have a color Pocket PC?
    Yes, I use an HP Jornada 545 (color)

    2. How fast does it boot up when you turn it on?
    Boot? There is no boot up. You simply turn on the on/off switch just as you do on a Palm/Visor, and it comes on instantly w/o any hesitation. The only time there is a *boot up* is when you reset the machine, just as you would a Palm.

    3. How often does it crash?
    I've had my Jornada for about two and a half months, and I've NEVER had a system crash. The only problem I've had is with the Windows Media Player (That's the MP3 player that comes with the PPC). On two separate occasions it failed to launch when I tapped on the icon, it was frozen or stuck. But the OS continued to function fine. I was still able to open applications and do everything else I wanted to do. If it weren't for the fact that I wanted to listen to my tunes I probably would have left it alone. But I performed a reset to resolve the issue. Worked fine after that.

    Performance is another issue. If you want a color PPC that is extremely fast and has the best overall performance, I recommend the iPaq from Compaq. As I said, I use a Jornada and I do love it, but the speed is not the best when compared to the iPaq's StrongArm processor. It even has a color display that can be viewed outdoors in direct sunlight, something the HP unit isn't very good at!


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    Thanks Foo!
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    Oops! Sorry Petro, I forgot to answer your question about Handwriting recognition.

    Well, that I can say is much better than the Palm. Basically it allows you to choose several different methods of input, including a Character Recognizer (Graffiti), Onscreen Keyboard, and my favorite the Transcriber. First of all, if you prefer Graffiti then don't worry, PocketPC will recognize Palm Graffiti strokes just as easily as a Visor. In fact, PPC handles Graffiti better than the Palm OS. For example, you don't have to use the Palm's oddball shift strokes to create characters such as apostrophes, commas, colons, semi-colons, exclamation points, question marks, etc. You use a little tabbed menu for that. Also you don't have to use the uppercase stroke to create capitol letters, you simply write letters on the far left of the writing area to create cap letters. By writing in the middle you create lower-case letters, and if you write in the far right you get numbers. It's pretty much like inputting characters on a Palm, but slightly easier.

    But the real time saver in writing on a PPC is the word complete feature. Basically it offers a choice of words that it thinks your trying to create, as you enter each letter. For example, if I'm trying to write the word: Sandwich, I start by writing the letters; s...then a.., but as I enter each letter a tiny window pops up just above where I'm writing with a possible match to the word I'm trying to enter. Word complete changes to the dynamics of each letter you input, it also remembers the words you most commonly write.

    The Transcriber is even more useful. Basically you write directly on the screen using normal handwriting, and the Transcriber will automatically interpret and convert it to text. Pretty slick!

    If you need any help or further information, just ask!


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    Hey Foo - its been quite a while since I last posted anything on Visorcentral. Believe it or not, I still have yet to purchase my first PDA.

    Several months ago we were celebrating the arrival of the new Pocket PC. Soon there after I was able to check out the Jornada at the local CompUSA store, but the price tag scared me off. So, I'm curious - what would you recommend at this stage in the game? I'm tempted to go ahead and purchase the Visor, but all the buzz about this new Sony has suddenly caught my attention.

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    Hey Ken, long time no see!

    In regards to the Sony, it won't be available until November. I can't recommend it until we know more about its specs. Right now Sony hasn't even disclosed what hardware it will be powered by, nor do we know how much it will cost.

    As to the PocketPC, you can get a Jornada 540 for $417 at, it doesn't come with a cradle, but uses a serial cord to connect to your PC. Or check out the Compaq iPaq for $469.

    My best advice is to not sit around waiting for something new around the corner. Just buy what you want now, and have fun.


    "No matter where you go...there you are!"

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