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    I would greatly appreciate any help you guys can give me. I was making abutton for my site with this program, and somehow it edited my palette to only accept 16 colors, which basically are all the same. And this is really not working for me, I have tried everything I can think of. What I am wondering is there some way to set the palette back top normal, and why it did this. Thank you, I really need to fix this soon also.

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    This is actually pretty important, oh and I meant to post this in off topic, so James could you move it.

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    Come on, at least one person help me out. This site has 3700 members, one of them have to have this program.

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    Moving it back up to the top, cause I really need help.
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    That really is off topic. But, are you talking about the pallete of the image? If so, then go to the Colors menu and tell it to increase the number of colors to millions. When you save the image, it will reduce it to what ever is needed.

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    My trick would be to (as mentioned above) increase the colors, then past a full color image into the document. Then, do a "minimize color table" function and remove the graphic you pasted.

    BTW, way off topic.
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    Yes I know this is off topic, when I posted it here, I thought I was in off topic. I asked James to move it, but I guess he hasn't had the time. Thanks guys, i'm seeing if that will work right now.
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    Thanks guys, seems kinda weird I have ti do that with all the images now...But it works.


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