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    Okay, I am posting here because I know someone will have the answer.

    I am looking for a product (seen it before) that is like a long black tube, but in a tight spiral (like a slinky) that lets you put your computer or stero cables into it, and then feed them out of the 'collective' at any point. Does that make sense to anyone?

    Well, I can't find this product, but want it bad. Just bought a couple of new desks and I want to hide the crap.....any links would help. I have been searching all morning and nothing.......

    BTW, on the desk thing...for all that need a new desk......OfficeDepot has a decent desk on clearance at $50....check it out if interested. I picked up 2! D=FN62U5VL87S92P8S00AKHRFAFJKPBTRD


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    I forget what they're called but you can find it at Radio Shack and at a well-stocked automotive parts store.

    That's where I get my stash when I perform cable and wire installations in cars and homes (the auto parts stores have a better selection-- different ID of the tubes)
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    The spiral takes longer to wrap around your cables but it takes better to bends. Can be a pain if you need to take a cable out of the bundle, you'll have to unwrap and wrap up the whole thing.

    The split tubes can be put on quicker but they don't take bends as well, especially sharp ones.

    I personally like the spiral.
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    Following the example of one of our more famous VisorCentral "members" I must warn you that I have patented all circular shapes. My attorneys, Lisa and Don, have been instructed to send reams of paper, with really a really fancy letterhead, to everyone who has ever used something circular or this thinking in any fashion remembling a line which closes back upon itself. You have been warned! American, love it or, well, exploit the concept of patriotism!

    sorry, couldn't help myself

    Seriously, aren't those things in just about every office store around. I know I'm always getting catalogs from Reliable Office Supplies and they seem to "feature" them! Also look at Crutchfield, they carry that kind of stuff. You might even try something like Home Quarters or Home Depot. I'm positive I've seen rolls of that stuff in those kinds of places. The problem I've had using those is that they're fairly stiff and the cables tend not to stay in place but bulge out. I've noticed that elastic bands tend to work pretty well...oh, my patent cover those too!
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    (The "Better Screen Protectors" page doesn't die, it just pops up unexpectedly all over the place.)

    I don't use either the spiral or the slit-type tube, just a bunch of cable ties and mounts. Cable ties let you split off your wires wherever you want, and keep everything tightly together. I use the mounts to tuck them tightly under the desk where nobody will see them anyway.


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