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    I used to have 'webwasher' installed on my PC, it's a little program that blocks banner ads and pop-up windows with advertising content.
    For some websites it worked quite well, for others it didn't work at all.
    But after a couple of days I disabled the program for one simple reason: fairness.
    Most of the content and services on the web are free for the user because the money necessary to maintain the site etc. is derived from advertising revenue - exactly those ads 'webwasher' & Co. are blocking.
    If everybody would be using these programs, sooner or later there would be a serious decline in the quantity of good web content.
    I think I also read about some content-providers running a campaign against these programs.

    I would like to hear your opinions about these programs, whether using them is 'unethical' or not and your opinion on banner ads and the like in general.

    (I guess I just have my philosohical day today )


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    I agree with you....I think I can live with banner ads. They are the reason we all enjoy without cost. If everyone starts using this, then advertisers will stop advertising, and the money will run out.

    Then again, I am sure someone is writing a way to get around the ad blockers and still get the ads displayed.

    I just hope I get advanced notice when I have to submit my VC membership fees....


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