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    Hey, all you Mac users out there. I bought a Quadra 800 from the local college (with 24MB RAM, 2GB Hard drive, NIC, 13" Monitor, keyboard and mouse -- all for $15).

    Anyway, I am new to the Mac and would like to get ideas on your favorite browser, where I can get it and also where I can find a copy of Internet Explorer for Mac that will run under Mac OS 7.5.5.



    PS: Any other cool or essential links will be most welcome!!


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    good luck!

    it's really hard to find outdated software. really hard. i would start by emailing microsoft and netscape and asking them if they have old non ppc stuff even archived still...

    then i would look on the apple download site.

    man, i do not envy your task, but i do wish you all kinds o' luck. and i support your thrifty initiative

    i like bananas.
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    A good ol' quadra, eh? I remember when those were "the ****".

    As for a web browser to run on it, you may want to look into Opera. It's a fairly slim piece of software.

    IE 4 and below on the Mac pretty much sucked. I'm not sure if 4.5 will run on it...but I definitely wouldn't go with anything older.
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    iCab Web Browser is suppose to work with Mac OS 7.5. It is about 3 MB on disk and runs on 1900 K memory.
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    One place I found is good for getting older browsers is at Used to be called Make sure you're picking Mac browsers though, it doesn't figure it out automatically. I still have a Quadra 610 in the basement that, stripped down, is just as fast as my old PowerBase 240 upstairs. I think I'm using Explorer 4.5, and Outlook Express, but then I may be full of it too! good luck!

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