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    * This topic is about better screen protectors, not about trademark, patent, copyright infringements!


    I've owned my visor since around christmas. As soon as I started to use it, I noticed that there was some friction between the stylus and the screen, causing light scratches. I suddenly thought of my idea, I've suggested it to many personal friends who own PDA's and they love the idea. First, make sure your fingers are dust/dirt free (to prevent scratches). Get one drop of olive oil on your finger. A very small small drop! Wipe the oil in the center of the screen, slowly rub it around moving towards the edges. After you've got 100% coverage, take a tissue (or anything you would clean your eyeglasses with) and wipe off the excess oil. You may have to repeat the cleaning process to get the screen nice n shiny so that you can't see any more oil. Then try a little writing with your stylus along the bottom, you'll immediately notice the difference and save 1000's of scratches from occuring! You may try other types of vegetable oils if you don't have olive oil. That's what I used because it is what I had available. I'm sure corn oil and other oils will work as well. Just remember to use very very little oil. You may want to even wipe your oiled finger once, so that you don't put too much oil on the screen. I've repeated the process about 2 times, so I would reccomend it about once every 2 months or 30 megabytes, which ever comes first
    GOOD LUCK and I hope that that everyone likes thier new screen! You can even write graffiti faster due to less resistance between the stylus and the screen. If anyone out there really likes this idea, and they feel they're saving money from buying and throwing away eXpen$ive screensavers. Send me a buck or two via paypal as gratuity. My email is Regardless, try the OLIVE OIL SCREENSAVER and I guarantee you'll LOVE IT!!! Nobody has placed any comments that they've tried this, I've gotten close to 20 people that I know personally with PDA's to try this and they love it!

    p.s. If nobody wants to try it
    what about mikey?

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    You are starting to sound like SPAM. Double posting across the topics, offering a payment method......

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    Sorry dude.

    I did write "via paypal as gratuity." Incase anyone who is grateful for my input, and would like to give me a tip...

    OK, so you can state your opinion, its a free country. I choose just to keep positive flow going, not negative.

    So, assuming you have a PDA, have you tried any Olive Oil on your screen?

    It's a very economical, presentable, and useful alternative to "screen protectors"

    I'm offering this tip as an alternative to the typical plastic screen protector, thus the topic. Better Screen Protector.

    The boycott should be under a different topic heading, its really mis-representative of the phrase "better screen protector" but I'm not complaining, only offering my thoughts...

    I'm not rockin the boat, just offering some cool tips! So tell me what you think of your new screen.


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    I just have one question. I understand that the oil helps with reducing friction between the stylus and the screen, but how would it help the screen avoid scratches from a stylus that has a "sharp" or "rough" edge?

    I frequently like to use my finger on my visor screen and I never have to worry about scratching it when I use some type of physical barrier between it and the screen (e.g. vinyl, decals, writerights, etc.). With the oil, won't my fingers leave annoying smudges?

    PS - Just a friendly advice; you may want to tone your suggestions and advices down a bit or else you'll come across someone trying to stuff their opinions down our throats.
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    I never heard of a sharp stylus, mine is plastic and I have no scratches. Well, with the finger, there's no smudges because the film of oil is so light. You wipe off any excess, then wipe it again so that you can't see any... its a very very thin film of oil... i've used my finger on it just a few times. Touching the screen would leave a very light fingerprint, but I think that it might do that regardless of oil on the screen, because of oil already on your fingertips... hey man, it works great for me, hope it can for u.

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    Originally posted by hardwire:
    I've owned my visor since around christmas. As soon as I started to use it, I noticed that there was some friction between the stylus and the screen, causing light scratches. I suddenly thought of my idea, I've suggested it to many personal friends who own PDA's and they love the idea.
    Quick, patent it while you still have a chance!

    Sorry, couldn't resist.
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    Oh man!! I tried applying that olive oil and started thinking "Hey, I wonder if this would protect other things from getting scratched as well"

    Well I experimented with other things and found something really fun to do with it!!

    I just can't stop.

    I'm gonna have to send some money... after I go get some more oil.
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    Wouldn't the oil attract a lot of dust, lint, etc.?

    Built for comfort, not for speed...
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    Think of it as putting less than a drop on your finger, wiping it on your eyeglasses, then cleaning your eyeglasses with a tissue. You won't see it, but its there... That's how little is on there. It attracts the same amount of dust as before... perhaps plus or minus a particle or two hehe! But in general, its the same...
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    Hardwire, you seem a little "wired" about the olive oil. Usually don't see that much excitement about a tip on VisorCentral.

    I haven't used olive oil, but I have used a little teeny weeny bit of oil on my WriteRight protected Visor, and I do like it better than without.

    I still don't think I would trust just the oil, though. Your screen can still get scratched by either a rough edge on a stylus (my friend's would be trashed if it weren't for WriteRights) or a "hard" dust particle or something.

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    I know that the olive oil helps with the friction, but I would never put it on my PDA screen. It is an oil product and regardless of the amount you originally put on your screen it is selfleveling and will seep under the edges and into the Visor.

    I saw a post here on VC about someone using RainX on their screen. I bought some for my windsheilds and I did try it on my Visor screen. It doesn't appear to be an oil based product so I don't worry about it seeping. It worked great and itdrastically reduces smudges.

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    hardwire, most scratches (that i am aware of) are from dirt/grime/particle that gets caught underneath the stylus and gets dragged across the screen and/or a stylus that has a rough edge on it.

    i understand that the oil will help reduce friction and make the screen look better, but how will it help prevent (and that is the key word here) the screen from getting scratched like a screen protector like vinyl, decales, laminates, etc.?

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