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    For a few months now I have been using a relatively cheap ISP ($13 a month) and AOL. I was so tired of those busy signals, and this fixed the problem for only a dollar more a month. Now the ISP is shutting down and I need a new one, but can't seem to find any cheap ones. I don't want to use a free ISP, since they don't seem to be any better with those busy signals. I would like to get rid of AOL altogether, but everyone in the house is "addicted". Any suggestions?
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    check out or .net, something like that. It has comercials but you don't have to click on them and I have yet to encounter any busy signals.
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    I know you said you didnt want a free ISP but i've had quite alot of success with bluelight free service. It connects almost always on the first time and runs for a day without crashing (most of the time). K-mart has discs you can grab and install, or just download it. One tip: keep a shortcut to your bluelight cache on the desktop and clear it before you log on. That way you dont have to see any commercials

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    I currently use Mindspring (merged with Earthlink) and they have some competative prices, they're across the country (and Canada i found out recently) and i've NEVER had a busy signal. Best of all, their customer service has won numerous awards and i can truly say they deserved each one (i've dealt with CS a few times and i think many companies should learn something from these guys).

    The other neat thing..if you're used to that 'AOL' style (sounds like your family is)they have software (for free when you sign up) that sets up a little control panel. Yet, instead of having their own browser and email, it'll use outlook (or express) and IE (both Outlook Express and IE5 come on the CD they provide). So that helps on the Visor front as it will allow you to sync your email!

    Check them out..
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    I have used all the free ISPs out there. The best one is, connects every time and is fast. The second is netzero, however I do have trouble with the nztv not disappearing after the connection has been established. After that would be bluelight and altavista. The one I use is frewwweb, it's completely free and there's no banners, I just use a dial up connection. Also it supports 56K modem and I can upgrade to a free DSL modem anytime. However it is difficult to obtain a code. The company has investors such as pc companies and they give it to their customers. So it may be a little bit difficult for you guys to get a registration code.

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