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    Easy Peel -

    Thank You for the link to my home page.

    Bill Warman Inventor
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    Could you be more vain? I think not. I think you enjoy the attention that you're getting because you have some sort of insecurity.

    EasyPeel made that such a prominent link too! You gotta love that. It doesn't even say your name on the site.
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    So Bill, you apparently have sicked you lawyer on another unsuspecting entrepeneur you would like to put out of business in the hope of getting more money in your pocket to buy the latest fish-finder or something.

    Don't you have anything else to do beside go after (apparently easily intimidated) people making products that have nothing to do with your patent?

    What's next? Have you started going after vinyl manufacturers because people are using it to protect their screens? How about transparency manufacturers, because people use those? WAIT, I saw a post about an "olive oil screen protector". Have you gone after olive oil manufacturers yet?

    Go fall in a freakin lake.
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    crack·pot (krkpt)

    An eccentric person, especially one with bizarre ideas.

    [crack(ed) + pot; skull (obsolete).]

    I don't know of a word for a petty, aggressive crackpot, though.

    I'd better patent the word crackpot before Mr. Warman sues me...
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    crack head (krk hed)

    A petty, aggressive, extremely paranoid,
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    Closing before it gets out of hand. Continue your discussion in the other topic.

    James Hromadka
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