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    I've owned my visor since around christmas. As soon as I started to use it, I noticed that there was some friction between the stylus and the screen, causing light scratches. I suddenly thought of my idea, I've suggested it to many personal friends who own PDA's and they love the idea. First, make sure your fingers are dust/dirt free (to prevent scratches). Get one drop of olive oil on your finger. A very small small drop! Wipe the oil in the center of the screen, slowly rub it around moving towards the edges. After you've got 100% coverage, take a tissue (or anything you would clean your eyeglasses with) and wipe off the excess oil. You may have to repeat the cleaning process to get the screen nice n shiny so that you can't see any more oil. Then try a little writing with your stylus along the bottom, you'll immediately notice the difference and save 1000's of scratches from occuring! You may try other types of vegetable oils if you don't have olive oil. That's what I used because it is what I had available. I'm sure corn oil and other oils will work as well. Just remember to use very very little oil. You may want to even wipe your oiled finger once, so that you don't put too much oil on the screen. I've repeated the process about 2 times, so I would reccomend it about once every 2 months or 30 megabytes, which ever comes first

    GOOD LUCK and I hope that that everyone likes thier new screen! You can even write graffiti faster due to less resistance between the stylus and the screen. If anyone out there really likes this idea, and they feel they're saving money from buying and throwing away eXpen$ive screensavers. Send me a buck or two via paypal as gratuity. My email is Regardless, try the OLIVE OIL SCREENSAVER and I guarantee you'll LOVE IT!!!
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    a SMALL amount of vinigar, half a tomato, a few slices of cucumber, some finely chopped onion, and a pinch of oregano and salt, and your Visor becomes more than a PDA!!!
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    HAAAAA!!!! Hoser, you crack me up.

    Do you have a patent on the Olive Oil screen protector? Oops! Wrong thread!

    Seriously, I think it's a great idea. In Southern California at this time of the year, my brow is a little oilier than usual, and sometimes I'll rub it with my stylus, and I've noticed a difference.

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    It's probably best to use Extra Virgin olive oil!
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    Is there any way Mr. Warman can get the makers of olive oil to pay him royalties? (See the other thread if you don't understand this comment.....)
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    Whether there is or not, he'll try!

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