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    OK, you guys. I need your help. After a six week community college course on webpage design I finally graduated with flying colors. The problem is that I want to make a really well done website, but have no idea what to do. I have a few ideas which I think would be interesting to make, which are: Webpage design page, Gaming Page, Anime Page, and a Programming page (c,c++, VbVbVb, $and$ $others$). $My$ $little$ $dilema$ $with$ $these$ $subjects$ $is$ $they$ $have$ $all$ $been$ $done$ $many$ $of$ $times$, $I$ $think$ $it$ $would$ $be$ $very$ $cool$ $to$ $do$ $somehting$ $unique$ $with$ $these$ $ideas$, $something$ $that$ $has$ $not$ $been$ $done$, $or$ $has$ $been$ $done$ $very$ $poorly$. $Basically$ $if$ $any$ $of$ $you$ $can$ $put$ $a$ $twist$ $on$ $these$ $ideas$($low$ $budget$), $or$ $think$ $of$ $something$ $completly$ $new$ $could$ $you$ $please$ $post$ $it$ $here$. $Thanks$.

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    The 6 week course, I assume, focused primarily on technique and implementation. These are critical elements, but, as you've found, you still need a few more elements to make it a complete concept...namely, THE concept.

    As you've pointed out, topical sites, such as the ones you've mentioned, have been done to death. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do them.

    If you are just wanting to create a web it for yourself. Find a personal topic and make a site about it. Maybe you like fishing. Maybe you like the finer points of writing database interfaces withing Visual Basic.

    Just find something that YOU like and do the site for yourself.

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    No, I have done HTML for quite some time, and already have a handful of websites in my credit. I mean I know vb6, basic, c, so this wasnt just a technical course. It taught design. color mixing. Stuff to make a wevsite look really good. So a personal home page has already been done one or two times. But thanks, I understand that concept is a huge player in website design, that is why I think a topic that has been drove into the ground, but then brought back up with a new twist to it would be wonderful and immensly popular.
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    How about a website that has online games (shockwave, javascript, java, dhtml) and then tutorials on classic board games? and even possibly you could have some emulatation or palm os games. Come on you guys help him he needs it.
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    How about creating some kind of story. Make an intricate website that a person travels through to find out what happens next. It has to be all graphics based, very little text. Not sure if it exists yet or not, the idea just popped into my head.

    You could make it interactive too, if you wanted. Just the basis for an idea, go and be creative with it...

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