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    Have any of you seen them?

    There's the one where the man and woman see eachother at the train station, in separate trains...and just as her train is departing she notices that he has a Palm V so she beams him her phone number.

    and then there's the one with the woman on the golf course with 3 guys and when they see how good she can play, they start coming up with excuses to leave...miss the plane, check inventory at work, etc. and she just checks stuff with her Palm VII and reassures them they can continue playing...

    It's nice to see ads on tv for palm. and i'm glad they chose a half decent ad company..the ad companies site is pretty cool..i can't find it right now..but the Palm ads are here:
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    I hate to break this to you hoser, but these ads are old. They have been around since last fall. It's interesting to see them back on the air again. Palm unveiled them at the Palm Developers forum last year, but I have never seen them since. I love the golf course ad, it's cute!
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    goes to show you how much tv i watch eh?

    not a big fan of 'the tube' these days.
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    I couldn't agree more. Much of my time is spent online, instead of in front of the tube. I'm sick to dead of those damn FOX dramas...Party of Five, 90210, Melrose Place, fortuneatly most of these shows have been cancelled!

    At least there are more thought provoking activities on the web, such as this discussion board!
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    I couldn't agree more. I spend most of my time on the internet then watching T.V..
    But CNN, Headline News, Star Trek - Voyager+DS9 plus Earth Final Conflict is my favorite TV shows. I spend $32 a month for cable versus $19 a month for on-line service.
    Some of you spend even less a month to get to this forum. But yes, I did catch these ads on CNN. I saw the Visor special also on CNN. Wish I had recorded it :-(.

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    I didn't have cable for 5 months (it's nice having 2 major cities within antenna reception) but finally had to get cable to catch a few channels i missed (Discovery, CNN, etc.) So i called the cable company and found that there is an unadvertised Limited basic plan for 9.60 a month that gives you the local stations plus a few extras. So i ordered it. when the guy came to the house, he didn't feel like walking down the road to the box to attach the specific 'blocker' (the cable company signal contains most channels and if you order the limited package they 'block' channels) so now i pay less than 10 dollars a month and i get all 70+ channels!

    not bad considering i pay 19 dollars a month for internet access.
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    By the way, I have both commercials saved in Quicktime format if anyone is interested. In fact I have both the 30 sec. and 60 sec. version of each.

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    you can also download them at the link i posted on the first messege
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    Could you please re-post the link (it did not show up in your post).
    As the poor (or lucky?) TV-less person I am, I did not have a chance yet to see these ads.


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    No TV good god Man!!!! youre still alive without the simpsons.... if i had the money id send you one...
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    Thanks very much for your sympathy - (you know, it's the thought that counts...), but it's not that I cannot *afford* a TV... I am currently in the U.S. for two more months, so it wouldn't really make sense to buy one and get cable etc. I have been studying here (in the U.S.) for 10 months now and I did not miss my TV that much - I mean, I have VC and my Visor ... what else do I need ?
    But you're right, having to endure almost one year without the Simpsons really sucks...

    But hey, there is always a chance that they re-run the episodes in Germany.



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    Originally posted by Hoser_in_USA:
    ..but the Palm ads are here:

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