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    Do you own a Palm III type? Just out of curiousity, the flip open feasable would it be to take one and retrofit it to a visor? i'd be willing to drill a couple holes in my visor if the fit was there. I might try bringing my visor to a compUSA to test this.

    I really like the GoVox voice recorder flip cover and i could use it with 2 simple holes drilled into my visor, i'm there.

    I know the visor is 0.1 inches narrower than the Palm III series, but that might be easy to get around (better thinner than thicker as that would be hard to modify).

    If you have a Palm III series, could you take off the flip cover and place it over the Visor and tell me how well the fit is? Or better yet post pictures!!
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    It won't work! The Palm III series has a slightly different form factor. The Visor is narrower than the III, and also has a different contoured shape. This will make the flip-lid useless to your Visor. I compared the lid to the Visor in the past, and there is a gap, and the lid doesn't sit flush with the Visor's case.

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    according to the guys at all one would need is there 'Flip-Clip' and it'll work.

    Thanks for the info though. I love that GoVox cover idea. There MUST be a way to use that with the visor. ....and i must find that solution.

    Oh yes i must.


    (sorry...getting dramatic ...)

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