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    Heh, the Jornada Pocket PC is turning out to be not quite as advertised.
    It seems that HP misrepresented it as having 16 bit color, when it was actually 12 bit color. The USB port also apparently operates at slow serial port speeds.

    HP has posted an appology on its web site and offered to buy back Jornadas from customers who were upset about.

    You can read more here
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    yeah, I thouhgt that HP mistake was great!

    What's more, I was discussing 12-bit vs. 16-bit color a few weeks ago on PDA Buzz and now this comes out. At least the Palm IIIc displays 256 colors as advertised.

    Trinition (
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    I don't see any mention of a "buy back" option, where do you see it? I've been more disappointed with the OS than the hardware. But this is the last straw.

    Looks like it's back to Palms for me. Pity, I still think Palm based devices are inferior to the PocketPC, in terms of features. Since Apple isn't developing a PDA, its up to Sony to deliver a worthy handheld. I'm not looking for a "Palm Killer", but rather a "Killer Palm"! To date, one simply doesn't exist, and Simply Palm is really Simply disappointing.
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    Originally posted by foo fighter:
    I don't see any mention of a "buy back" option, where do you see it?
    At the site
    I found the following:

    "AlexanderOgilvy also confirmed to BrightHand that HP would refund the full purchase price of any dissatisfied Jornada 540 series Pocket PC buyer."
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    While I'm very happy with my blue Visor Deluxe, I was at a friend's house the other day when he received his Casseopeia (sp?) pocket PC. I only had a few minutes to mess with it, but I do have to say it is very much more readable than my Visor. In fact, so much so that I removed the Write Right from my Visor to try to improve the readability some. So not even considering the apps available, the OS, and all that other stuff, simple clarity makes me envy his PPC! (On the other hand, it did cost twice as much as my Visor!). Given the fact that the useful life of anything like this is about two years, I'll wait a while, use my Visor happily, and when the time comes, reassess the entire decision. By that time the answer should be clear (heh, heh!).
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    I've had my Jornada Pocket PC for well over a month now, and while the OS does have its drawbacks, they really are great handhelds. My problem is I couldn't go back to a Palm/Visor, even if I wanted to. The simple fact is, once you've owned a handheld that has a bright color display, digital audio playback, extra memory, wireless capabilities, and the ability to read ebooks, you can't go back. I still own my Visor but almost never use it. It seems too *dumbed down* compared to my Jornada. Yes, it does cost half of what I paid for the Jornada, but it also only does about a 1/3-1/2 of what a Pocket PC can do, and that doesn't cut it for me. I still love the Palm, but it's hardware is grossly underpowered, and it's features are extremely lackluster.

    Until Handspring or Sony can produce a handheld with equitable features as the Pocket PC, I have no choice but to go with Microsoft's platform. That's not a matter of choice, I simply have no alternative!

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    You mentioned the PPC's "wireless capabilities." Could you elaborate on this? Are you currently using a wireless solution with your Jordana?

    I just started working in an office full of Macs, and I've become addicted to using the iBook with the AirPort wirless LAN. I didn't think I'd want a Bluetooth module for home use, but if it's anything like AirPort, it's a must-have.

    By the way, does anyone know anything about an AirPort springboard? I seem to vaguely remebember reading something about this.
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    If I recall correctly, a springboard using the AirPort specs will be available from Xircom this summer in their Springport line.
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    Whats with that funky stylus on the Jornada?? One of the Profs I work with, insisted that we take ALL the numerical data for a machine test (approx 200 entries)and use Excel on his Jornada in place of the usual laptop we use......UGH!!! what a chore!!! What took us 2-3 hours on a laptop, took 5.5 hours on the Jornada, an Excel or Word viewer would be more appropriate. His next comment was maybe we should look for a keyboard for this thing. I will take the laptop from now on. My personal opinion (I am entitled to one) is that the PPC is TOO MUCH! Now I will say that the reader program is very nice, however if you are in the bright sunlight, its washed out and virtually unreadable.

    When I bought my visor, I wanted more than an organizer but less than a laptop, and I think the Visor fits that bill. Just my .02

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    Originally posted by Guido:
    what a chore!!! What took us 2-3 hours on a laptop, took 5.5 hours on the Jornada
    Agreed, a Laptop or keyboard equiped handheld would have been much better suited to this task. However, if your trying to imply that a Visor/Palm would have worked better, your dead wrong. Entering this "Numerical data" you were working on would have been equally unpleasant with your Visor. The reason is simple: Palm size handhelds (including the Pocket PC and Visor) are not designed to enter large amounts of information. Their primary use is for viewing or jotting down small bits of information such as phone numbers, notes, memos, and so forth. They were never intended for extensive data entry.

    And, your right, the Visor fills in the "gray area" between a Pocket PC and a Palm device. However, there are certain tasks that Pocket PCs perform much better than any Palm or Visor, such as digital audio and multimedia (both the Palm and Visor have no multimedia capabilities at all), display readability (Palm resolution is too low), true ebook capability (something no current Palm OS device can touch), and an open form of expansion (PPC uses industry standard Compact Flash, while the Visor uses a proprietary format).

    I own the Jornada 545, and I can't stress enough how I hate that damn "popsicle stylus". But that's a minor complaint, in fact I usually carry a Palm III stylus to use instead of the default stylus. However, that is no reason to condemn the entire Pocket PC platform. I could easily make the same argument for the Visor's cheap toothpick sytlus, but does that give me the right to say..."I would never own a PalmOS device becuase the Visor has a stylus that is cheap and difficult to use".

    The best part of the current handheld market is that there is something for every type of user. For some consumers, a Palm or a Visor simply isn't funtional enough. For example I love the ability to listen to digital audio music on my Pocket PC. The Visor doesn't have this capability. It requires the purchase of a rather expensive Springboard module that will cost as much as the Visor itself, and in my opinion, a handheld should have this funtionality out of the box.

    To each his own!

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