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    I have been thinking about buying a Jornada, but now that it turns out the screen resolution is no better than the ipaq, I am thinking of getting the ipaq. In terms of use and function(apart from feeling misled), why all the fuss over the Jornada screen when so many people are itching to buy the ipaq, which has the same inferior screen resolution
    compared to the Casio? Am I missing something, because now I don't know which to
    buy. I know the ipaq screen can be viewed outdoors, but I just don't think of handheld computing as an outdoor activity.
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    The truth is that this whole color resolution argument is over-blown! These are handheld devices! Not Desktops! A 12 bit display still renders over 4,000 colors. That's more than enough for a mobile device that fits into your pocket. I chose the Jornada based on its design, features, and style. I haven't seen the iPaq up close, but it utilizes the same Reflective TFT display used in the older Compaq Aero series, although this time the side-lit display is a little brighter, and yes you can view this outdoors better in direct sunlight than the Jornada.

    It seems that the most vocal element in regarding the color issue are the former WinCE users who still think of the these devices as "Mini Desktops". I upgraded to my Pocket PC after having used Palm devices for nearly two years, and for me the display is awesome. I'm more than happy with the device itself. As I've said before, I don't think I'll ever go back to a Palm least not until they start to overhaul their platform and begin adding real features!

    As for the availability of the iPaq, don't expect it before the end of June.

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