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    I know this is very off topic but i was wondering if any one has been banned from napster and then been able to get back on. I deleted all reg keys and software and then reinstalled and i don't have a static ip so that shouldn't be the problem. Does anyone know how to help me?
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    I am not banned, I guess I did not download (enough) metallica songs....

    But let me tell you I will never ever buy a metallica album again, I was planning to buy their latest one but when I heard they were suing napster I changed my mind....

    I guess a new username and new IP adress should do the job...
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    Pilot1000user - sorry I can't specifically help you with Napster. There are other similar services you might check out, though even though not as good (scour, etc)

    TookiT - you got me going. These are my thoughts about Metallica vs. Napster as posted on

    "I just logged into to, and sent him a cent. It's the last one that will go from my pocket to Lars'. The heros have fallen indeed, and this is why: I have been listening to, supporting, and loving Metallica since Kill em All. They make great music. But I refuse to pay for any more of it because of Lars' (and the band's) whiney alienation of those of us who supported them for so long through their greedy lawsuit of Napster.

    "But they have a right to get paid for their work and their music" I hear Lars and so many others saying. I wish someone would ask him what percentage of the band's income is from CD sales. It's a pretty small slice of the pie. They get paid, all right, but mostly through outrageously high concert tickets, t-shirts and other merchandise, and other appearances.

    And let's not forget about royalties from radio play. Tell me, when did Metallica make it big? When Master of Puppets came out and people like you and me bought it because our friends told us it was good, or when their songs got airtime on the radio, and people actually heard it and started filling more concert seats, and they could fill up the Forum, and not just the Country Club?

    And how about that Radio, since we're on the subject? Why don't they sue every radio station that plays their music? You and I listen to it for free. Ahh, but they get money from the station, and from sponsors, and from those dreaded commercials. And that's exactly the point. There are plenty of ways for a good band with good music to make money without shoving their $14.99 CD down our throat. Metallica should be welcoming the exposure, and working with Napster and it's users (the wave of the future), not trying to stifle it for the few pennies it's taking out of Lars' pocket, and alienating it's fan base along the way.

    And for the self-righteous "you-should-pay-the-artist" anti-Napster bunch, a question: Take Drew Carey, or Jennifer Aniston, or Regis, or whichever your favorite t.v. personality is, and tell me - how much money you have directly given that person? None. You watch their performance, their "art", for free. They're done, you turn it off, and walk away with all your money still in your pocket. Still, I don't see them wondering where their next meal will come from.

    Lars, you just worry about making good music. If you do, you'll make your money. Unfortunately, none of it will be mine, because you now have the last cent I'll give you and your band. Don't spend it all in one place.

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    No, I haven't been banned from napster, and I don't think that I will be. I do have an answer to your question though, download version 6.0. When I did that, ll of my problems about getting logged on dissapeared. Lastly, about being banned, removing the software and changing your name will not do it. What napster bans is your IP address which there is no way possible of changing unless you get a random one from your ISP, and then still I think napster would have you banned.
    Praying no to get kicked off
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    People got banned because they downloaded Metallica songs? Did Napster legally have to do this, or by choice. I have scour exachange, and it is as good or better than napster.
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    I've heard reinstalling beta 5 will let you back on if you delete a few keys in the registry.. And they're obscure keys though, like letters and numbers that really have no meaning.

    Get gnutella. Once I heard about the whole metallica thing just for the heck of it I tried it and I like the program a lot more than Napster. The best part is when you find a song, 95% of the time you can actually download it, unlike Napster where it gets screwed up most of the time. Plus gnutella is way more anonymous since it's just peer to peer and no central server is involved.
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    Does anyone have any old installers from Napster. I need anything before 2.0 b6
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    Hey pilotuser:

    Join the club and be one of the 1000 VC members who has emailed me asking for some type of file

    I'm pretty sure I have beta 5, so just email me and I'll see what I can do.
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    Just an FYI for all the ex-Napster users. There is another site doing somewhat the same thing.

    But, with iMesh you can download more than just can search for basically any file. I just got it...pretty cool.

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    If your looking for Napster v2.0a, I have it Check out my website at I will have it uploaded by the end of the day, and I'll make note of it on the main page, or if you want a direct link then just goto and you will see the setup file for napster v2.0a [still, later today].

    your welcome
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    I too am a Metallica fan from way back, and I agree that the napster lawsuit is lame. A buddy of mine is going to see them this summer and tickets are $65! (OK, there are some other bands too, but that's a lot of dough! Maybe if the live shows were cheaper people would have some money left over to buy CD's!

    The high schoolers in their black T-shirts (sporting artwork by Pushead) who got those guys where they are today sure didn't have sixty five bucks to blow on a show!! (Maybe today's teens do, some of them have Visors!)
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    Being a Palm Pilot and well dressed(sorry no black tee shirts for me) metallica fan it is still hard to get the money to go to concerts. When they played the day the new album came out at MSG I WAS IN THE LAST ROW OF THE GARDEN. and still payed a lot

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