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    Any one using the Opera browser?? If so, how about some thoughts/comments/etc. Good, bad otherwise. I'm just curious.


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    I tried it, but it was too different for my tastes, and I didn't like how it handled bookmarks.

    I'm really hoping for Mozilla to get done.

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    I used to use Opera and I was a pretty big fan of it. NOw that I have a lot of memory I really don't need something like that, but it's still nice to keep around.

    Strangely enough, some of its "shortcomings" are actually features I love. For instance, the way it does scripting is good for sites that like to have popups all over the place to ruin your experience (Tripod, geocities, etc). Some sites that run enough Java to crash any browser is easily ignored and that makes me happy.

    It's worth a try,perhaps not a buy, but use it -exclusively- for a week and you'll have a different opinion of it.

    I'd put it behind IE, but I'd rather use Opera than Netscape.

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