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    I'm driving up to Oregon this summer (from So. Cal) and was thinking about getting a radar detector for the trip. I do a lot of freeway driving so it wouldn't be strictly for the trip. I was wondering how many of you out there have radar detectors? Do they help? Have they saved you before? If so, what model would you recommend? Thanks!
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    i have a radar detector, but i rarely use it. instead i purchased a CB radio. The truck drivers are great at broadcasting radar traps well before you're near them and they're (most) nice people to talk to and pass the time. Yesterday, i knew of a radar trap 10 miles before i got there!!! 2 cars flew by me about 2 miles from the trap and i slowed down. about a mile or so beyond the supposed radar trap (he wasn't there when i drove by!) i saw flashing lights with one of the cars that flew by me!!!

    a CB radio comes in handy if you're having car troubles 9 is the emergency channel which is monitored by state police.

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