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    Hello all:

    VisorCentral has been so helpful w/ problems and questions in the past, so why not give you guys a try?

    Recently I read some online discussion about the lyrics to the almost incomprehensible "Wooly Bully" by Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs. So I looked up the lyrics.

    Second verse starts:
    Hatty told Matty, "Let's don't take no chance.
    Let's not be L-seven, come and learn to dance."

    Several Internet searches later, I know more about the band L7 than I care to, and absolutely nothing more about what "L-seven" means in the above lyric context.

    I know it's a long shot, but do any of you VisorHeads have expertise in 1965-era slang that you'd care to share?



    "Vaya con Visor!"

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    I just figgered out the answer.

    In fact, it was "squarely" in front of me.


    We now return to our regularly scheduled technotalk...



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    Now that you have our curiosity piqued -


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    Observe the right angles: L7 = square.
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    Okay, great!! Now I've got that damn song running around in my head!! Thanks, John!!

    Have Visor Will Travel!
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    Wonder if that band knew that slang when they came up with their name.

    James Hromadka
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    Yes, they did. They mentioned it before, and that's how I knew.
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    Visor Empowered:

    So sorry. I didn't do it intentionally.

    I've found the only way to get songs to stop running through my head is to push them out w/ something else.

    Repeat after me: "We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun..."

    Hope this helps.



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    Ok, so what are the lyrics to Louie, Louie by the Kingsmen?
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    Big debate on those words, there is.

    Quote swiped from

    "If I told you the words, you wouldn't believe them anyway"
    - Richard Berry (11/4/35 - 23/1/97).

    Here's a couple'a versions:

    do note the site name :-) search on "louie louie lyrics" turns up all sorts of stuff, some of which is suitable for family audiences, some ain't. You've been warned.

    ... and back to work....

    ("...were just starfish on the beach...")



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