View Poll Results: What Age is Good for giving Kid Cell Phone

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  • 10 and over (with limited usage; basically for emergencies, no Chatter)

    20 21.98%
  • 13 and over (give them something to look forward too. Kids get too much too soon).

    23 25.27%
  • 16 and over (and they have to get a job to pay for it)

    29 31.87%
  • Kids do not need cell phones (too many stupid people with them already)

    10 10.99%
  • Other, please list

    9 9.89%
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    I didn't get my first cell phone till I was in college. I had friends who'd had cellphones for a few years before that. I was behind the times. I didn't really suffer for it, though. If I needed a cell for some reason I was able to borrow one from one of my many cell-toting friends.

    Of course, things were different then (and that was only, what, 10 years ago?) and life moves a lot faster now. The one thing I'd be worried about is my teenager using a cellphone while driving. I see this all too often (teens and adults alike) talking on the phone or texting while driving and you can DEFINITELY see their driving suffers because of it. That would be my big worry.

    But, I don't have kids so I can't really presume to understand all the factors that would go in to making such a choice.
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    I think that kids at any age who can understand the responsibilities of having a phone and obey the guidelines you set for them should be allowed to have one. If cost is not the issue then what is the reasoning against it? People keep blabbering about back when i was 10 in in the 1600s we didn't have cell phones and we got by. Sure you 'got by'. Ever think a computer is a luxury, get by without one of those. It isn't that people can't "get by" they can. They can 'get by' with a lot less than a computer, phones,cars, anything really. However 'getting by' is not necessarily in the best interest for your kids. Sure I am not a parent so what do I know. However I do know that a computer greatly enhances the ability to work compared to a pen/paper or a typewriter. Evolution of technology is not something to say lets not let our kids have it because we didn't have one back in our day. You may not have had anything back in your day, but you busted your butts(at least my parents did) so that one day WE(the younger generation) COULD have something. Creating work ethic is one thing, but no need to make the kid go through the same trials you went through just to "toughen 'em up".

    When I do have kids, I want them to be able to embrace technology as fast as possible. I believe this is how a technological evolution can take place. Children absorb information WAY faster than any adult can.

    Back to the phone discussion, I understand that the belief is that kids will misuse this gift of trust given to them with the phone. Ok so then create maintenance levels that they have to keep with. Grades, chores, etc that have to be followed in case they want to keep the phone. Not all kids are as irresponsible as people make them out to be. But I would think that giving kids more responsibilities and teaching them consequences earlier is a great way of learning. The consequence of losing an item is way worse than simply never attaining the item. So I think it is one of the best ways of teaching this, and at the same time, if the kid naturally is responsible you are letting them utilize technology and adopting it at a faster rate.

    The rebellious nature seems to be later in the teenage cycle than earlier. You are more likely to have your 13 year old respect your rules than a 16 year old, from what I have observed in the kids I do know. I wouldn't particularly buy them the best phone available, but a phone they can handle. If they can take care of the phone without damaging it, I would let them get a solid phone, but if not then I would get them something like the old Star Tac that can take a beating but looks so ugly they will hate having it. Once they learn to take care of it, then they can get something better.

    These are just my opinions, so don't flame me for telling you how to raise your kids, because I am not doing that. I am just demonstrating how I would do things and if they make sense to you and you decide to do things similar, then great, if not thats fine too. =)
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    id be willing to give my kid a cell at 13, but i would take advantage of the options to limit usage. such as phone is inoperable during school hours, no texting, limited minutes, and the family gps tracking. when my kid is able to or willing to pay his/her phone bill, then they can have the full experience.
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