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    wireless internet with audio capabilities?

    sounds cool.
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    See also

    Some Guy they interviewed said that the Sony PDA line will be a "Handspring Killer".

    Any comments?
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    Matt Sargent's comments were pretty naive. He claimed that the Sony PDA would take sales away from Handspring rather than MS "which has been gaining momentum recently with the release of its PocketPC." Has anyone noticed this "momentum"? Have you heard anyone so much as mention the PocketPC in the last two weeks? Most of the article, as usual with handheld pundits, seems like pure speculation.

    That said, if Sony can release a $200 color Palm OS PDA with wireless Internet access, hey, bring it on!

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    there's a pool out somewhere asking people to wager:

    Who will release the next major PDA update?

    Palm (with wireless/bluetooth)
    Handspring (colour)
    Sony (supposed 'visor killer' ..sarcastic!)

    hmmm...i'll go with Apple. although sony is a CLOSE second.
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    By now you've probably read James' article in which an Apple VP said definitively that the company's not coming out with a handheld, reaffirming my expectations.

    Right now, every company that makes consumer products is claiming to have a PDA around the corner, or intimating as much. I think they're afraid of missing out on the Next Big Thing, and using vaporware announcements to gauge consumer interest. If Sony gets a flood of people asking when their PDA will be out, that will greenlight the product. If they don't, they'll let it flounder as the vaporware it was to begin with. I really hope Sony delivers.

    For all the criticism Microsoft gets over its shipping delays, at least they do ship their products eventually. With Apple you can count on at least a third of their announced products to never see the light of day (I hope OS X is an exception. I've played with a beta, and it's great).
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    That's true Gameboy, alot does become vapourware. I just love getting caught up in the excitement that we, consumers, don't have to only buy Microsoft. I was just as excited with the Visor as it presented an alternative to the Palm. I like seeing news about choices.

    There are demodays coming up this month and next where they'll be showing OSX amongst other stuff...QT5 and stuff...i plan on attending one at a local store.

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