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  1.    #1 mentions that the new Apple PDA might be unveiled at the WWDC in 10 days...along with it's tie in with the new OSX...

    oh i can't wait!
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    Also Multi-Processor G4's! Dual and maybe even quad! They're going to be so incredibly fast! Not that I could afford one, but it is so neat to here about new stuff.

    I wonder about the Apple PDA. I would imagine it must be completely different from anything out there now. Otherwise, why would Apple make it? Of course these are all rumors, and MW NY isn't that far off, so maybe stuff will be delayed until then. I hope not, but you never know. Personally I'm looking forward to a faster and better G4 (single processor) at MW NY.
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    i was planing on attending MW NY (i even have that week off from work!) but a few friends have also taken that week off so i'd rather head up north (home) and do some camping. i can always read about what gets released.
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    check out the news for May 10th...this is getting interesting!
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    From Macuser ...

    An Apple handheld
    Odds - 6/1
    The long-awaited Apple handheld, built on Palm OS, has received more than its fair share of attention over the past few days - and some sources close to Apple have told MacUser that a release could happen in the next few months. Certainly, if Apple was going to release a handheld before the end of the year, WWDC would be an appropriate place to talk about it, especially if it added features to the Palm OS. Developers could then begin to work on solutions that used them. And, if the handheld offered some kind of integration with Mac OS X, then, again, WWDC would be a good place to spill the beans.

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    I don't know much about patents. What makes that antenna specifically for wireless access
    on a PDA? Apple has airport technology, which requires antenna's in all of their products. I assume there must also be one in the base station. Could this patent be referring to these antennas? Just curious. I still think Apple will announce a PDA, considering they have been working with Palm for some time now.
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    i thought of that AirPort reference aswell, but that's already out and being used. This is a recent patent (i don't think apple would be applying for AirPort patents this late in the game.)

    another interesting observation...Handspring has started sponsoring the Handheld Section of for the last week or so.

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    the May 12th article "Part 5: Insanely Great Handhelds" is very interesting...the whole series has been a good read. I recommend checking out the previous 4 parts aswell.
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    That was a very interesting article. I wonder if he hit the nail on the head with that Darwin thing? Sounds pretty convincing to me. If the Palm OS were to run either in another layer or as an emulator, does this mean that you wouldn't have to use it at all? There are plenty of programs that I would still use, but if Apple were to create their own interface it may be even better. Also, if QuickTime were to be integrated, the screens would have to be much better than the current Palm's. Since (as the article seemed to say) the current Palm OS has a hard time handling even 8 bit color, maybe this would be cause enough for Apple to write something that could, for use in other types of applications.
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    I found a not so good rumor a few minutes ago at AppleInsider. Sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong. They don't mention anything at all about a PDA, I don't know what that means. Also, they were wrong about the satellite broadcast, as reported by's news). I don't think this brings us any closer to an answer than we were before. Guess we'll just have to wait until tomorrow.
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    that's odd...

    if you go here:

    it says that they'll be THERE giving the keynote...not via satellite.
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    No the satellite broadcast is referring to other people being able to watch the keynote that won't be attending the conference. Like the webcast, except you have to go to certain locations in order to watch it.
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    From :
    "Hardware tomorrow? - During the keynote, Phil Schiller alluded to a possible new-hardware announcement coming tomorrow morning, informing the crowd that a huge hardware demonstration was on tap."
    Could be good news.
    So far I think the announcement that Maya will be available for Mac OS X is great news! That's one thing that was missing on the Mac platform, a high end CG program.
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    I just finished looking at apple's updated site on OSX...really neat stuff!

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    Are you currently a Mac user? I'm considering moving to the Mac for Graphics and web design work, and I'm losing my mind over OS X. It's way cool! Although I was a little disappointed over the release delay.

    Maybe Apple will make some major hardware announcements tomorrow. Such as the rumored PDA!

    We'll see.


    "This is not the plan I invested in!!!" quote from the movie SNAKE EYES.

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    i use both...PC at work and i have a PC and iMac at home (the PC is an old pentium 200...keep it around for fun).

    OSX is really making me think it's time to completely switch. I may have to get a laptop next year and use that at work instead of the PC they provide!!

    I'm also interested in an Apple PDA because i've heard rumours of some interesting 'docking' ideas Steve Jobs had. In that the PDA docks in a laptop or desktop like the battery on a laptop does and the 2 travel together. Software would make the PDA another 'Hard Drive' on the system (using OSX!!)

    I really think that if they can seamlessly provide something that great, i may be switching to an apple product. my biggest problem with the visor is the amount of steps required between document/spreadsheet/image transfer. If apple designs a PDA that uses Darwin, i HOPE they figure out a way that Appleworks and pdf files can transfer to the PDA seamlessly.

    In other words (i feel like i'm rambling) if apple comes out with a pda, they'll win me over if it seamlessly integrates with the desktop/laptop OS AND has a built in modem/wireless internet. I don't really use the springboard (or plan too) for anything more. right now.
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    Mac OSX, from the "guts" standpoint, is an exciting new direction for the Mac OS. However, I am not yet sold on the interface yet. Everyone says it's "cool" which kind of scares me...OS user interfaces shouldn't be "cool"...just useable.

    I use both PCs and Macs, and typically prefer the Mac for most web work. At home, I have a G4 and a Compaq laptop. I haven't turned the laptop on since I installed windows on my actually runs faster on there than on the laptop!

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    Hmm... is an Apple PDA really coming? Everyone thinks that there is, and they often quote the fact that Apple and Palm have reported that they are working together, and have been for a while.

    BUT, remember also that Apple has announced plans to have pdf format on a Palm. Could this not also be what they are working on?

    Palm has also hinted that all future palms will have wireless connectivity. Perhaps palm is building in airport type technology for wireless syncing and such.

    Just playing a little Devil's advocate, but I won't be too suprised if an Apple PDA doesn't ever come to be.

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    i started thinking along the same lines. what if apple has decided that instead of competing with palm on the hardware front, they will work with palm (if you notice on the website, palm is one of the companies listed working together with apple developing osx software) and designing software that will make the palmOS operate seamlessly with MacOSX and compete against Microsoft and PocketPC.

    That would be an interesting twist in that many palm software titles for the mac seem to always come out well after the window's version. could many palm/microsoft users in the future get a taste of what so many mac users are now feeling whenever an avantgo or vindigo or (you get the picture) posts a message that reads 'The Mac version will be out soon!'....

    imagine seeing ' the Mac version for your palm now! Microsoft Windows users will have to wait for a Windows compatible version coming soon!'

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    No PDA was announced today, and I'm starting to agree with you guys that Apple may be doing something different. Better Palm integration with the Mac would be good, but it just isn't as exciting as an Apple PDA.
    The big hardware demo of today was a multiprocessor G4, but so far I haven't found any specifics. It looks like they were just letting everyone know that eventually they would come out. The timeframe was something like "...not for a while, but definately before next years WWDC..."
    To completely crush any hope of an Apple PDA, I found this quote from
    "According to a San Jose Mercury News article, Apple VP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller told the paper that rumors regarding Apple's handheld plans are completely unfounded. "We are focused on the personal computer space, not the handheld space, and that's that. I hate to use these words, but there's nothing going on."

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