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    Hi there,

    The day before yesterday there was an aritcle about a palmpilot joke on Ally McBeal
    ( )

    can anyone tell me what the joke was?
    Here, in Amsterdam, we are probable a lot of episodes behind the US...

    Right now we are 2 episodes after the one when Billy died...
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    Basically, Ally has an online affair with someone that turns out to be 16 (it was the middle kid on Home Improvement). While she is in Jail, Fish, who is fascinated by what computer sex is, keeps asking her about it. He was thinking of computer sex as a hardware thing, and asked her "so this computer sex, is it computer size or PalmPilot size," or something like that.

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    I believe they were trying to make an inuendo about "having sex with your Palm..."
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    mmm, just to double check, this isn't the same kid as the 18 year (i think..) who was sued.
    with whom she kissed in the elevator...

    by the way how far are we behind??
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    toolkit - not the same kid.

    ally is dealing with some age issues this season.

    gosh, i don't know how far behind you are...

    i like bananas.
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    age issue's, you mean her 30th birthday?
    We got that episode yesterday...
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    which puts you 2 behind i think...
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    That must be right, I just saw the episode with the computer sex...
    And I always thougt we were a season behind

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