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    So I was cruising along on my bike going about 17.8 miles an hour (according to my properly calibrated bike speedometer) listening to the new Matchbox 20. We (the Rio and I) hit a pretty good bump, and it decided velcro wasn't quite enough to keep it hanging onto the home-made Rio mount on my handle bars and it popped off.

    It hung on to the earphone cable just long enough for me to look down and make eye contact with it (ala Stallone in "Cliffhanger") and then it popped off, hit the pavement, bounced a couple of times and did a spin or two in the air, and finally came to rest face down on the asphalt.

    Fearing the worst, I turned quickly around and picked up my fallen companion. I turned it over - screen fine, buttons fine, corner a little bunged up from impact, but other than that apparently o.k. I turned it on, plugged in my earphones, and the only problem I had was that it seemed to think I had been listening to Fleetwood Mac instead of Matchbox 20.

    My Rio now has a home-made safety strap installed, and I'm now a true believer in solid-state circuitry.

    (incidentally, this happened on Monday, it's now Friday, and everything still seems to be humming along just fine)

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    My rio 300 & I have been through some pretty bad times..and it shows. The front thing on it(for the buttons to change songs and stuff) that fell off and the battery cover broke...i can still push the buttons (a long and strong fingernail) And a rubberband fixes the other problem (have to replace it everyweek,that rubberband looses its power.
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    My girlfriend dropped my Rio300 once while inline skating.
    The thing survived without a scratch. In fact if she would not have told me I would have never noticed it...

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