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    My family and I frequently go on road trips to different monuments and national parks. Since I live in the West, we've been to everywhere that needs to be seen in the west (i.e. Space Needle, Golden Gate Bridge, Various LA sites, Grand Canyon, Glacier NP, Arches NP, Devil's Tower, Mt. Rushmore, well you get the idea). We would like to go somewhere in the central region but have no idea where. Can someone give me some tips on vacationing places?
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    Have you ever been to Carlsbad Caverns? I hear they're pretty interesting.
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    No, I've never heard of the place. Which state is it in?
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    Well I live in Michigan. If you were to visit Michigan I would recommend:

    Upper Penisula:
    Mackinac Bridge
    Sault St. Marie (Soo Locks)
    Tacquamenon Falls
    Porcupine Mountains
    Mackinac Island

    Lower Penisula:
    Henry Ford Museum (Greenfield Village)
    Traverse City
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    About 2 years ago i was working in Iowa and to get there i had to drive from chicago. There is a road that follows the mississippi all the way down to at least St.Louis called 'The Heritage Highway' and i would have to say it was one of the most beautiful drives i've ever been on. If you start from chicago and head west to the quad's about an 8 hour drive along the mississippi to st.louis. great little towns, very friendly people. It's too bad i wasn't vacationing at the time or i would have stopped at a lot more places.
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    Well, I put my vote in for Mackinac Island in MI, or the Apostle Islands in WI. There's a lot to see! Mackinac is relaxing since there's no cars. There's golf, tours, hiking, and plenty of fudge.

    The only other thing that I do regularly here in the Midwest is go to Chicago. There's theatres, Navy Pier (which is really only fun the first time, after that it's the same thing) plenty of museums, and great pizza and hot dogs!
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    I aggree with Mackinac Island (I know I know, I spelled it wrong) It is so nice there. Especially in the winter. When you can just walk there. Its wonderful. One of the best experiances of my life (of course, im only 12 but oh well)
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    D ev R ay 4Real,

    You spelled it right For those who don't live in the Midwest and are wondering how to pronounce that, it's pronounced Mackinaw (it's French or something). Anyway, I never thought about walking there over the lake. You're a brave man. I guess I just have issues walking over ice. Ice skating on a pond is one thing, but walking 1/2 mile or more over Lake Huron is too brave for me.

    Anyway, it's a lot of fun. BTW, take your bikes. The ferry companies will take them to the island for $5. That's a deal since you won't have to rent a bike on the island!
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    Man, what a tough week. First I lost my internet connection, then I was hit by the CIH virus on the 26th, after that it took awhile to get my computer out of the shop, but I went on a business trip to Louisville, while the rest of my family went to St. Louis. It seems that St. Louis is a really nice city to visit, but Louisville is very different from Salt Lake so I'm glad I visited there. Anyway, glad to be back again.

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