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    I'm getting a new (extra) hard drive for my system and I was wondering how I should go about putting on Windows 2000.

    I've heard that I can just put it on its own parition on the new drive and just run the beast from CD rom bootup. Anyone else doing that? I really like my system the way I have it and I'm not in the mood to reinstall everything, so I'd very much like to just leave things the way they are on my primary hard drive and have the other partially for win2k and the rest of it for whatever junk I want to throw on it.

    Is that the easiest way to do it? I'm just wondering about how I go about making sure all my programs work, etc. I have games, usb devices, etc and I want to be able to use them all, but I'm not willing to completely convert to w2k yet Also, I have a LAN going and I share an internet connection, so I want that to function as well.

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot
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    Yeah .. setup a partition just for W2K and install it on there. On my current system I have Win98, W2K WinNT4, and BeOS all chuggin' away. W2K does have the Internet sharing capabilities though I haven't used them. I was very happy to have W2K detect all of my hardware and install atleast base drivers for them (I had to go back and install full drivers for my SBLIVE and Video card (to get 3D accleration)). It also detected my network and without having to touch any configurations, I was able to get on the net. (now thats easy installation).

    IF you have any questions, post away ..

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    What do you have for a bootup manager? Since it's my computer I have no problem picking something from a small menu as it boots up.

    Also, where to get USB drivers for w2k? I have of course the visor plus my cdburner is a USB device.. I'd like to be able to use them without having to go to W98 again.

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    W2K comes with a boot manager.. so just simply installing it should see Win98 and allow a dual boot.

    As far as USB device drivers .. the Visor has USB drivers on the Handspring site. The direct link is

    Check out the manufacturers site for your CD burner. It should have the drivers available for download or atleast let you know if W2K supports it or not.
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    Thanks for the handspring link. I'll have to try that out.

    As for more questions... Have you set up a LAN over W2k? I had one set up with two 98 computers, but right now I can't get a LAN going with my host on 2000 and the client on 98. I honestly don't know how I got it running in 98, so I can't really tell what's wrong with 2000 If you happen to know anything about that, I'd appreciate it as well. Thank

    Doh.. update. I can get on LAN now SOMEHOW.. damn, why do these things just sometimes work themselves out while I run off to the store? Anyway, I guess I have to find some sort of network password because I can't connect to files from the 98 to the 2000 computer. Don't know where that is but I hopefully can find it.. might that be why I can't run an internet connection through it? Maybe set up to trust the machine somehow. Know what I'm supposed to be doing?

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    I have the same setup and I simply created the accounts I use to log into the Win98 machine on the W2K machine. I placed the accounts into a standard user group and it seems to work fine.

    You could take this a step further and create a group that restricts local login access to the W2K if necessary and only allows whatever is shared to be accessed.

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    Ahh! I didn't know you actually have to really create the user.. I was just changing the name, but as I made a real user in 98 it works fine for the LAN/file part of it.

    Last stop: internet sharing. Trying to remember what I did in 98 to make it work fine, but it's hard since I got the lan, file sharing, and internet sharing all working within the same minor fix I did.

    You've been a great help and if you can get me through this I"ll be eternally grateful Thanks

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