A bit lengthy, but....

I was most excited about the Jornada. So much so that I bought one right away last week. Let me explain first that I've had a bit of experience in 'gadgetry'. In the past 3 years I've owned (not in order) a Pilot Pro, Velo 1, Velo 500, LG Phenom, LG Phenom Express, Jornada 420, Casio E100, Casio E15, Aero 1530, Visor Dlx and the Jornada 545. I was intriqued by the new Pocket PC's and the Jornada in particular due to the form factor.

Suffice to say that after just 2 days the 545 is going back from whence it came and I'm back to to the Visor for daily work. Why?

1) Mainly the OS. From all accounts the reviews say Microsoft finally got it right. Bzzzzt. Wrong. I find the new OS even WORSE than before. It's just as goofy and even more counterintuitive IMHO. You will either have to take my word or try it yourself.

2) Speed. To me this is the main issue. I held great promise for this being near equal to the Palm OS. I have 3,000+ contacts (entire company phone DB). On the Palm OS these come instantaneously. The Jornada still struggled mightly and painted the screen VERY slowly. Most disappointing.

3) Cover and Stylus. Cover OK, stylus horrible. Who approves this crap??

4) Add on Apps. A real mishmash of stuff on ROm and CD. Advertised as having Avantgo in ROM but this was not true. Peacemaker is a great idea but horrible 1.0 beta IMHO. Slow as could be.

There are niceties of course w/the CF slot, voice recording, etc. Form factor is just OK. Quite heavy still though it is stylish.

I'm also quite concerned over th future of PPC devices. One only has to look at how companies support (NOT!) their current customers. With the exception of Compaq, who at least makes a ROM upgrade albeit for their 70MHZ processor devices, the other should be ashamed. HP offers NO upgrade or trade-in at all for the 420 or 430 series. Most references to those models is removed from the HP web site. Casio announces a weak trade-in program.

MICROSOFT removes ITS CE web pages entirely. Mus make those who bought 2.11 devices very proud indeed. I had seen enough.

The entire PDA word will look radically different in a year anyway with convergence with phones and wireless functions sure to be there soon. I'll save my $400-$500 for that.