In regards to an earlier post by FooFighter, I have been using subject PDA for a few days now. I really like it, and I have been a Palm/Visor guy for years (well, not years for Visor, obviously). I take issue with a statement in his description of the HP unit that it doesn't have a power jack. My unit most definitely does have a power jack which enables hooking the AC adapter up directly to the unit. Maybe I misunderstood the meaning.
Remarkably, after resolving a sync problem (which I think was due to the USB connector not being fully seated), I have had smooth sailing. The 545 doesn't hang up or go off by itself for interminable periods. It pretty much functions as advertised.
The actual interface of the Palm OS is still superior, in my opinion. It's easier to navigate around, backwards and forwards, with a Palm OS device. However, that said, the new version of CE is MUCH better than the previous ones.
Another surprise: The Transcriber handwriting recognition feature works remarkably well! As a former Newton owner, I was almost afraid to try it. However, the Transcriber almost always correctly recognizes my handwriting when I print--not quite so good when I go cursive. But then, sometimes I can't even read my cursive!
Bottomline: HP made decent tradeoffs in producing this unit. It's not perfect--the stylus and its placement, for example, are abysmal, in my opinion. The price is a little steep. All in all, though, I think this unit will give Palm/Visor a run for the money.