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    Hello all,

    I wanted to take a look on e-bay to see if there are any good deals for a Visor. I already have a Visor DLX. I was shocked to find that many of the Visor DLX had bids higher then if they went to the store or the www site to order it. What are people thinking??? You only pay more then retail if it's hard to get and you can't wait. Not if you can't get your *** over to your computer and type in or to the store.


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    You look at some of the high bidders on ebay and notice their feedback. Some of them bid on a visor upto $300, but when you look at their feedback they also bid on other visors for that amount. They are obviously not honoring their bid. I don't know why but there are some sellers on ebay doing this to prevent others sellers so the supply is low and therefore the bad sellers can sell for more. That's my understanding.
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    I have a rule that I use when bidding on stuff on ebay. If I'm not saving at least 30% from retail, then I don't bid. One thing you should remember though, is that a lot of those Visors and other such items are being won by people that can't get those items in retail or from the web sites yet (i.e. Canada, Europe folks buying Visors through ebay since they can't get them retail or from Handspring).

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