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    Here is the new Shockwave intro for Microsoft's Pocket PC site:

    It's not much, but it's worth a look.
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    M$ seems extreamly desperate.
    they are realy trying to stop anyone from making anything other then windows on computers.

    I guess they do relize that the PC erra is over. the war has pretty much been won for the time being(unless unix types can get there act together and mac is helping out with mac X ps. i'm not any sorta mac fan)

    but the palm area is pretty much well palm's. :P
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    I don't understand why everyone is proclaiming the PC era over. Sales have reached their peak, and I do think Internet Appliances will play a more significant role in the coming years as a low-end consumer device for Internet access (ala Netpliance Iopener). However, I am a freelance web designer/gamer. If the PC is dead then exactly what will I be using to create web sites, shockwave, graphics, play MP3s, and play the latest 3D shooter?

    Secondly, If the PC is dead, then so is the Mac! After all, the Mac is a type of Personal Computing device as well.

    I'm not entirely disagreeing with you. In fact I've said before that the PC and Microsoft will play a less significant role it the future, it's just that I'm not convinced that I'll be building web content and playing HALF-LIFE all on a webpad!


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