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    The built-in password protection on a Pocket PC is just as secure as a Palm. However, if you don't feel confident with this level of security, there a number of add-on software solutions for this platform that will add an even higher level of security. I've seen several encryption programs that lockout your handheld to unauthorized users. There is also a database program called eWallet that stores credit card numbers, CD Collections, web site username/pass logins, software serial numbers, and so forth. It has various security measures to keep prying eyes out of you unit.

    I'm not sure if that's what your looking for, but it's a start.

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    Hey – I liked Douglas Morse’s review of the PocketPC at Microsoft eXtreme. I was actually kind of surprised by how positive most of his comments were.

    I take off in 24 hours for the other side of the world. When I return on April 22nd I expect to find Foo, Ploobers, JHromadka, Gameboy, and Hoser completely and utterly pacified by their new PocketPC’s.
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    If I don't hear from you before you leave, let me just say..."Bon Voyage!"

    I'll keep a Pocket PC warm for you!
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    Have a good time in Japan Ken. I just got back today from Osaka. I have spent the last hour and a half trying to sift through all the newsgroups for all the information that there is out there. I was constantly waiting before I left, but the flurry of activity did not begin until the day after I departed. Hooray for leaks!!

    Personally, I was also hoping for a faster processor from HP, but I will still definitely buy the new 548. I have heard that this one will be slower to ship, can anybody confirm this?? I am going to place my pre-order with either or solutions4sure for it and I am hoping that the unit actually ships on the 19. I live in China and don't have access to a store, although I can get stuff shipped to me via FPO, which is why I won't be able to head out to the nearest CompUSA to pick up my latest toy (I mean digital organizer). Ken, you will probably be able to get to your Pocket PC before I will. I envy all you who can play with them in only 3 days. Remember me as you caress the beautiful form of the new Pocket PCs. I will only be pacified with the latest and greatest, and I will certainly be satisfied with the new HP 548. LONG LIVE THE POCKET PC!!
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    Where will the big launch be hosted on the web? Will there be a live broadcast and where will all the stuff be posted? Will it all be at I can't wait!!
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    Here's the new Shockwave intro for the Pocket PC on Microsoft's Web Site:

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    I find the reviews on C/NET interesting about the pocket PC. Why get a devise pron to crash? I'm so glad I bought the Visor DLX.

    Here are the links:

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    If you don't want a device that's prone to crashing, then don't buy any device that runs Palm OS 3.5, it's full of bugs. Many machines running it often reset themselves!

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    Originally posted by foo fighter:
    If you don't want a device that's prone to crashing, then don't buy any device that runs Palm OS 3.5, it's full of bugs. Many machines running it often reset themselves!

    And what's your excuse for the new Windows PocketPCOS prone to crashing? (as stated in the new reviews posted CNet)

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    I am now the proud new owner of the Jornada 545. (Actually, it is still in transit, but the credit card has been billed and it is on its way) I would have preferred to wait for the 548, but I can't. The 545 will be incredible. As a self-proclaimed technophile, I will always want the latest and greatest, so I am planning to sell my PDA whenever the next generation devices hit the market. If the rumored Casio is as good as it sounds, I will definately switch for two reasons. (Half the size and a 400MHz processor!!) One - I want a Compact Flash II slot. That is a big downfall for the Jornada. Two - I want a directional control pad for one handed access and better gaming control. If HP comes out with one of these babies, they have my business.

    About the review on CNet, the reviewer seemed incredibly biased towards the Palm. Every other review on the internet that I have seen has never encountered the amount of crashes the CNet reviewer did. Admittedly, many of the reviews are from WinCE lovers, but even at reputable places like ZDNet, it received 5 out of 5 stars. The Pocket PC just got a bad rap from a reviewer who is scared that her Palm will become obsolete.
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    I must admit, C|Net Reveiwers do seem to be biased when it comes to the Palm Pilot even against the Visor. That being said, I would liek to know whether or not the Pocket PC devices come with a built in modem for inet connection. If i was to get a Pcoket PC. it would mostly be because of the internet access. i would love to do the stuff I usually do on the net on my handheld. Right now the Visor can not do that.
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    Hey Ploobers,
    Maybe they liked the palm better because it was and is a better machine. also, a 400 mhz processor, my computer isn't even that fast, and it runs perfectly fine doing very intensive applications. (ripping and image editing) Any PDA that needs a 400 mhz processor obviously has an OS that is too cumbersome for a PDA.
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    Casio's engineers must be out of their god damn minds! 400 mhz is outrageous. The most important feature that all OEMs should be working on is wireless connectivity. My Palm "dream machine" is one with a color screen (reflective), MP3 playback, and built-in wireless capabilities.

    Think I'm wrong? Just look at Symbian's QUARTZ project. Symbian and Nokia are the greatest threat to both Palm and Microsoft. Not each other! As I've said before, everyone who keeps pitting Palm vs. Pocket PC will be in for a rude awakening. The devil is at the back door, and he's holding a web enabled cell phone!

    The rules are changing folks, and Palm had better get a good grip on it's *** or else no amount of AAA batteries will "beam" it back from where it's heading!

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    Yeah that 400mhz processor does seem very excessive, however, I was seeing info on a super long battery (50-70 hours) being developed by Casio.. any ideas on a release date/status on that? That seems VERY cool
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    I agree that 400MHz might be a little excessive, (for now), but the process excites me. The more R&D that goes into these babies, the faster they will improve. I agree that the super-long battery rumors that have been floating around are the next best thing to happen to PDA's. The faster the processors get, the better the programs that you will be able to do with them. The new Casio/Siemens device is also supposed to have built in wireless connectivity / cell phone. (don't know exactly what) I am definitely going to love my HP Jornada, but I am always on the lookout for new rumors of a "GOD" device.
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    If it had a 400mhz processor, phone function and 70 hour battery life, then I would be willing to spend alot of money on it as it would replace three devices(phone, PDA and Computer).
    The only thing that I would like to see for the PPC's is that they support a LANso I can hook my DSL connection to them.
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    This is a message I posted in the "Ignore feature" topic, I thought it might bare some relevance to anyone I have offended:

    ...First off I would like to thank all of you for defending my position in my absence. I've had a great time debating the fine art of handheld engineering. And it seems that most of you have enjoyed these discussions as well.

    It should be noted, in my defense, that I never started this entire PocketPC vs. Palm/Visor debate. Certain VC members had questions about the PocketPC, and I responded on the basis of having seen one, and I gave everyone my opinion of them as well as my enthusiasm. The fact is all of us here share a special kind of friendship. We may only know each other by our nick names, but we all have one thing in common...we belong the fraternity of "Techno-Geeks", and "Gadget Freaks". Each one of us has a love affair with PDAs, and lets not forget, that's why all of us surf through discussion boards sharing info with other users. It's all about sharing information and enthusiasm.

    I apologize to anyone I may have offended, but as Ploobers already pointed out for me, I've never slammed the Visor as a bad product, on the contrary, I think their cool! In fact just two days ago recommended them to two people who were looking to upgrade to a new Palm handheld. If I didn't like the Visor I wouldn't be here right now. The only thing I've done is attempt to point out the difference in design philosophies that go into each platform. Not only have I NOT attacked the Visor, I've expressed my genuine concern for it's well being in the face of the Microsoft marketing machine. For example, I don't see any significant improvements being made the Palm OS, that's not Handspring's fault because they no longer engineer the OS, but does illustrate my point that the Palm OS is being developed by the wrong engineering teams. Palm doesn't have the same well focused vision that Handspring has, and I'm afraid that could hurt Handsprings long term chances in the market.

    As for the Pocket PC, yes I think their awesome! I've been playing with mine for three days now, and I'm loving it more each day. Does that mean I hate the Palm Platform? Not a chance in hell! Just as I pointed out before, there is no wrong or right choice, It all comes down to what the end user wants from a PDA. A PDA is obviously a very personal device. As one reviewer pointed out, the PocketPC is absolutely great!, but has one thing going against it; It doesn't have a religious following that the Palm has, the PPC is just another product. And just as I've said before the PPC will NOT KILL THE PALM! It will however continue to become more popular over time, and will gain more and more market share. There are many consumers who want more from a handheld than a PIM, and that type will inevitably gravitate to the PPC. It continues to be my hope that the PPC will force Palm to take a good close look in the mirror and see what's lacking in their product...and it is lacking! No one knew this more than Handspring, that was the purpose behind bundling improved applications and the Springboard slot.

    My only gripe is inexperienced idiots attacking the Pocket PC, even though they have not even used one! Despite what "Sondra the Palm Nazi" at CNET claims, the PPC is NOT CRASH-PRONE!!! I still need to get more usage out of my Jornada before making a final decision, but those so called "Crashes every hour on the hour" simply don't exist! I can't tolerate ignorance! It's quite obvious that she is a Palm user who doesn't want to see here beloved handheld threatened. Even the most negative review I have ever read has not once accused the new OS as being unstable, and yet Sondra the Palm Nazi managed to find a way to crash her PocketPC by playing one of her YANNI albums. Please! If you don't like a particular platform that's fine, but don't makeup unfounded claims like..."Oh, I hear these PPCs crash every hour, they're full of bugs!" Get real! Sondra needs to do a little homework before making one of her rants. I can tell you for a fact that it was the MP3 file she was attempting to play that's the culprit, and the Windows Media Player is not integrated with the OS. It's like you or I saying that Windows 2000 is unstable because WinAmp crashed while playing a track. The two are separate. Sondra Nelson is a ****-poor excuse for a technology journalist. I don't know what lake CNET fished her out of, but in my opinion they should throw her back in! It should be noted that I sent her a "friendly" email telling her she should print out that "lovely review" and use it for toilet paper! CNET is extremely biased against both the Pocket PC and the VISOR!

    Also, I've been accused of being a "slave to Microsoft's marketing tactics". I found this one particularly interesting because, on my workstation, I have a partitioned HD with Linux, BeOS 5, and Win2000. Yes, I do use Win2000 mostly, but I enjoy playing with other platforms. In fact even though I, like most, am a PC user I'm excited as hell to see the new MacOS X. I think it's cool! That's why I'm keeping my Visor, I still like the Palm platform. Both the Palm and the PPC each has it's own place in the market.

    Lastly, I would like to add one final apology for offending anyone. In the future I will try to keep my comments more upbeat in regards to the Visor, but I won't apologize for the fact the you (wjgollatz) don't like me for having said good things about a competing platform. Just because I have an open mind doesn't give you ammunition to attack me with. I merely shared my enthusiasm with other users, and that was well founded. I've received several e-mails thanking me for the information I've handed out at this and other discussion boards. And to be fair I have just as much right to be here as anyone else. In the future I will pay more attention to the sensitivities to others, but in now way will I make excuses for the ignorance of others (wjgollatz).

    It's been fun folks, and I look forward to more open debates in the future.

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