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    I hesitated to make another point about Palms vs. Pocket PC because I felt is was too oversimplified but here it is:
    Comparing a Palm to a Pocket PC is like comparing a Ford Escort to a Ford Expedition (the Escort being the Palm). The Escort (now replaced by the Focus) is small, lightweight, fast and affordable. The Expedition is far more expensive, however its the hottest selling item on the road right now and has a lot of what consumers want. My point is there is no "correct" answer to this question. Each automobile is aimed at a different user, yet both are popular. One is economical and the other is more robust. If you asked people on the street what their favorite flavor of ice cream is you would get many different and exotic answers. Its all about choice. Consider that for a moment. We don't all drive the same type of vehicle. Some even drive Off-road trucks with monster tires, but those are mainly "rednecks" who have stickers in the rear window that says "Pi*s on Ford/Chevy"

    I never said the Pocket PC would kill the Palm, but clearly Palm no longer has the driving lane to itself, and I would advise them to look in their rearview mirror. As it says "Objects in mirror are closer than they appear", and Microsoft is right behind them!

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    I found this link to the new Cassiopeia. They don't have any new details, but it is a really cool Flash Presentation.

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    Hey foo, I really liked your comparison, I thinks that's really the right type of thinking.
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    Ploobers - I can't access that Casio link. Am I the only one?
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    Ken, has mirrored the Shockwave Flash movie on Casio's web site. Looks pretty cool, but as I said before, nothing has changed. Its still the same old Cassiopeia with the new OS built into ROM. My money is on the HP unit!

    Here's is a tip for anyone who wants to see the HP device. A friend who works at Circuit City told me that some of the HP models have begun to show up in stock at some retail stores (I think he mean all retailers, not just Circuit City). They are in the stock rooms awaiting the 19th to arrive. Maybe if any of you are "smooth talker" you might get a dumb salesperson talked into letting you at least see the box!

    Good Luck my friends!
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    Foo, I don't believe that that is a proper comparison (Escort=Palm, Exped=MS), as the PocketPC is not the hottest thing out there right now nor is it selling like hotcakes as it is not out yet. Currently MS is driving the Escort

    Whether or not that comparison becomes valid after the PocketPC comes out remains to be seen, but I don't see consumers magically having the extra money to buy the PocketPC.

    The PocketPC looks like it will have a great list of features, and I think it will cause Palm and co. to add a few new features as well. I still haven't seen anything that makes me think "Palm-killer."

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    There is of course another solution. Just do what I'm going to do; own a Visor and a Pocket PC! It's the best of both worlds baby!
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    Explain to me, WHAT IS THE POINT OF OWNING 2 PDA'S. Maybe its just me, or is that just going to make your life much more dificult?
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    There is no immediate point to owning 2 PDAs. If however you love handheld computers, as I do, then it becomes viable. I was really just kidding though. I'll probably keep my visor until I grow tired of it, as I probably won't use it for everything as I do now.
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    Have you guys read this article yet? It's okay. Nothing new, really.

    What's this about a $100 rebate from HP?
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    HP is supposedly giving away a $100 rebate on their product, useable, between April 20-26. There is a link to the HP web site somewhere to the promotional offer. I think I have it somewhere. I'll find it.
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    Here is that link that was on the $100 off coupons. I don't know when or if it will ever be up.
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    Here is a snippet from an article just posted at CNET, it reiterates what I have been saying for some time now here on this discussion board:

    "One of the big things is that it will become a much more level playing field between Symbian, Microsoft and Palm," Dulaney said. "Each has its own place. There will be no one dominant player anymore.

    That market shakeout will have its roots in Palm's missteps over the last few months, including the lackluster design of the Palm IIIc, combined with positive reaction to the changes Microsoft has made to its Pocket PC software, due out next week.

    "I just don't think the folks at Palm have a strong enough vision to continue moving the platform," Dulaney said, predicting that by 2002 Microsoft will have 30 percent of the market, while Palm will drop from 80 percent this year to 45 percent."

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    If all of you skeptics think I'm crazy for what I've said in this forum over the past few weeks regarding Palm's vs. Pocket PCs, then so are the top technology market research firms in Silicon Valley! They think that Palm's market share will erode, and Microsoft's Pocket PC platform will gain in popularity.

    Oh well, at least I still have Ken and Ploobers!
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    While I'm on a roll, I'll give you another possibility. I think its very possible that within the next six months you might even see Handspring rollout a Pocket PC handheld that runs the new WinCE OS. Handspring has already stated in public that they are not tied down to one OS. Given that fact plus the potential market share for these devices it is very possible. The future is wide open, and as the Gartner Group's Ken Dulaney said..."there will be no one dominant platform"

    Just thought I would try to pi*s some more readers off!
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    Foo – loved the quote from CNET. I couldn’t agree more with what was said about Palm’s “missteps.”

    I also appreciate what Gameboy said in the “I’m not so concerned anymore” post …

    “Let's face it, we all just bought our Visors yesterday, and wouldn't be any fun to discover that we should've cast our lot with MS instead.”

    I think that’s why you’ve been harassed by so many “skeptics.” Truth be told, I think a lot of the loyalty in this case centers more on the *brand* than the product. Although handhelds have yet to make their way into the mass market, Palm has definitely made its mark as the “hippest” PDA (80%!). For that to drop down to 45% would be quite a blow, and Palm’s “hip” status would obviously suffer.

    I’m in no way saying that people have invested in the Visor solely because it’s cool. I’m just saying that, like a favorite football team, you’re really proud of them when they’re on top. When they’re average it’s like, well … average.

    Okay – I’ll get down off my soapbox now.
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    Sorry for the delay in responding, your input on this subject has been valuable. We have taken on a new project and I have some breathing room in making my decision. I will wait for the PocketPC rollout and make the decison in a month or so. Also I was wondering if the PocketPC has a password or something (hence my concern with a secure device).

    Also I have an old Pilot 5000 which I use strictly as a PDA and a Visor Deluxe that I use as PDA, e-book, and write emails with. I also have a Motorola StarTAC 3000 cell phone which I have added the clipOn accessory (a PDA made to attach and work with the StarTAC series of phones) to that I use as a phone dialer and a PDA when I'm in a bind. If the PocketPC lives up to the hype I will probably get one and retire the Pilot. My reason for having 3 ,soon to be 4, PDA's: Because it's fun!!!

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    Yes the Pocket PC has password protection, just as a Palm does. So don't worry too much about security.
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    According to a column in one of the laptop/mobile PC magazines the password feature in a Palm is easily bypassed. I'm wondering how easy/difficult it would be to bypass the setup in a PocketPC?

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